Fanned fingers

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Skills of Godville
Fanned fingers
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Not a skill everyone is fan's of.

The Fanned Fingers is a combat move in which, surprise surprise, the attacker fans their fingers. The damage is done by swiping with nails that have been filed to points.

Even more surprising is the fact that the user can rip off part of the enemy's life bar and stick to their own, thus healing themself. An expert user will find the glowing light appears on its own. Novices will need to supply their own light bulbs.

Levels 1-6

The attack is aimed at the chest. It won't go through the body, but it will give out some decent damage. Because the chest is large, it has a good chance of hitting.

Levels 7-9

This time, the attack is aimed at the eyes. Heroes should be warned that this attack could literally "poke your eyes out". A full helmet or some protective eyewear should render this one useless, however.

Levels 10-15

Now the attack is aimed at the exposed blood vessels of the wrist. This is to make the enemy bleed profusely. It is deadly, but once again, proper armor should help. Although, by this level, the attack is so strong, the gear could possibly break, leaving the enemy's arm(s) vulnerable.

Levels 16-18

The attack is aimed in the nose. Not at the nose, but in the nose. It will make the enemy's nose bleed uncontrollably for a while. A truly evil hero might even try to rip the nose off.

Levels 19-21

The hero aims at the ear and tries to sever it. If successful, the hero may go for the other; once both ears are gone, the hero will attempt to use the lower leveled attacks to finish the job.

Levels 22-24

Attack is aimed directly at the face. At this point of level, heroes will seriously damage the skin and may even rip the face off. Heroes are very likely to disfigure the enemy.

Levels 25+

Attack is aimed dead at the throat, leaving the severed arteries bleeding profusely until the enemy dies of blood loss. Obviously, by this level, the attacker can pierce through several inches of steel or rock without damaging their nails. Almost no enemies could survive this high-powered skill.