Explosive character

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Skills of Godville
Explosive character
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Explosive character is a combat skill obtained through frequent over-use of encourage or punish on a hero who is already at high health (in the case of encouragement) or low health (in the case of punishment). A large amount of the frustration will be unable to affect the hero and will add to the experience for this skill.


Level 1-5

Seriously confuses enemy monsters who are used to seeing normal heroes, devoid of emotions.

Level 6-10

Causes enemy to go temporarily insane, lasting for up to three seconds and they may need some counseling if they manage to get away from the fight.

Level 11-20

Splash damage from the explosion causes anyone within a 5 meter range of the monster to faint from shock.

Level 21+

Your hero can literally cause the monster to explode by closing their eyes and concentrating, or at the very least causing them to be physically unable to move for the majority of the duration of the fight.