Exorcise a ghost writer

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Quests of Godville


Exorcise a ghost writer
Necromancy is frowned upon by the mages' guild.
A ghost writer selling their product

General information

Necromancers are known to enslave souls for profit; be it mining, diving, even cleaning. But perhaps the most profitable endeavor for this unholy warlocks is ghost writing. Possessed by the souls of sages and scholars, they write hundreds of tomes ranging from recipe books to ancient epic poems.

In order to track down a ghost writer, adventurers will have to delve in a place where none heroine has been before, a bookshop. The discount section usually hides a handful of ghost books, their glow and heat will betray them to the observing paladin. Take or buy one of these books and try to find the adress.

This will probably lead you to an abandoned building where the necromancer and their minions hide. The procedure is pretty run of the mill, hack and slash your way through the place and kill the writer. If that doesn't work fire up some candles or incense and wait a while.

Tips for completion

  • Force your minion into bookshops whike they're shopping as they'll be more receptive.
  • Be subtle, if the necromancers catch wind of your hunt they'll run away deeper into nowhere.
  • Sell the books after finishing, no need to let them go to waste.