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Monsters of Godville
Class Undead
Habitat Towns, shady streets
Description undead humanoid

The Ex-ghoulfriend was once your hero's beauteous/handsome significant other, but now it's just someone he/she used to know. It's death is a mystery: may it be connected to a nasty break-up? Whether yes or not, the Ex-ghoulfriend is vengeful, and the only thing keeping it moving is the hatred of your hero.



  • Cold, cold heart
  • Can cry, making your hero severe self-blaming
  • As every undead, it is immune to poison and illness
  • Your hero may experience emotional outbreaks when facing it - regret, awkwardness, guilt, horniness


  • May be convinced by your hero that he/she still loves it. However, dating it again might be the worse choice compared to fleeing from it
  • As every undead, it is vulnerable to holy attacks