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Everwatch is a guild founded by Ratfeatures (God: Lord Stradivari).

Everwatch is an un-aligned (neither good nor evil) role-playing guild. All communications between gods should be "In Character". If in doubt, sling in a few "thee"s and "thou"s and end your verbs in "-eth". Thou wilt soon getteth the hang of it.

Everwatch is A Very Serious Guild. The gods of Everwatch should be legal, decent, honest and truthful. The heroes, of course, have no such constraints. Failure of any god to be serious will be considered a very serious matter. Seriously.

Gods should address each other with the prefix "My Lord" or "My Lady" as appropriate.

As of 13th November 2017, the Guild's totem monster is the ORLY Owl. (Oh, really?)

The current leaders are:

Ratfeatures: founder. God: Lord Stradivari - Very Serious Indeed

Essex Girl: deputy. Goddess: Lady Mother Macree - Not quite so serious as Lord Stradivari, but still quite serious.

Spender: member. Goddess: Lady Tourmaline - Not very serious at all. Yet.

Slinkerbelle: member. God: Lord Mephisto the Aristo - Serious? You must be joking.

Kwasind: member. God: Lord Gitche Manito - Getting more serious each day.

Dogbolter: member. God: Lord Owd Roger - Sirius