Evening Star Society

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Evening Star Society
Motto: Alta alatis patent.
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: 29279 c.u.
Date Founded: 21 February 2011
Membership Count: 95
Pantheon of unity Rank: 37
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 30
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 90
Guild Page: Evening Star Society 
Data current as of 4.22.2015

  • We are a resolute and tenacious guild.
  • Remember encouraging your hero in town helps us get our influence up. Having influence in towns will allow guild members to get special items and have other exciting things happen.
  • The guild officials and leader are always willing to give help and assistance to those who inquire.


The Evening Stars

The Evening Star Society guild was formed for noble heroes and heroines. Guild members are highly respected and are valiant warriors. Those who show true bravery are admitted into the guild. This gallant guild was formed by the Goddess GodStargazer . Our motto is Alta alatis patent, which means "The sky is open to those who have wings". For members of the Evening Star Society, power is limitless. The Evening Star Society was named #1 in the pantheon on November 3rd 2011.



Venus and Mercury, commonly known as the Evening stars, have always been wonders to behold. Demigods, gods, and humans alike worshiped and hungered for the power of the great celestial beings, the great Evening stars. Many grueling wars were fought and relationships between the gods were vanquished. The wise and powerful goddess Asteria, after seeing the abundance of misery and death, removed the power from the reaches of the gods and humans. She channeled all the power in 3 scrolls, the Scrolls of Stars. She then bestowed a portion of her own power and the job of protecting the scrolls to the god Stargazer. Stargazer became an all-powerful god and rallied a plethora of gods and humans together to keep the scrolls from falling into the wrong hands.


The War

Overtime many humans and gods started again to hunger for the power of the scrolls that they were protecting. These gods and humans were exiled to a vast and desolate region. The exiled gods and humans formed their own guilds to try to take the power that they believed was rightfully theirs.

With advent of the last revolution of the Aztec calender, the stars came together in a configuration never seen before. Both Venus and Mars were in retrograde patterns, ergo the power of the "evening stars" were in disharmony. Gods and humans protecting the scrolls realized that one of the scrolls had fallen into the hands of the enemy because of the strange occurrence with the evening stars (Venus and Mercury). The enemy were harnessing the power within the scroll to strengthen their own power and slowly setting their plans in motion. Stargazer knew that with their new found power they would try to steal the last two scrolls. With this knowledge Stargazer decided to form the guild Evening Star Society to try to keep the opposing gods and humans at bay.

So then the battle for the Scrolls of Stars and their power of the evening stars began. For he who controls the scrolls controls history. And perhaps, the future......


The higher the influence in a certain town, the more benefits a member of the guild will have access to in the town. That means your hero can get special items and exciting events can happen in the town that we have influence in!!

How our guild can gain influence in towns:

  • encouraging or punishing (preferably encouraging) your hero in town helps us get our influence up
  • You will know that the influence in the town has increased when diary entries containing the guild name are displayed, although even influences that don't result in one of these diary entries still have an effect.
  • The number of influences needed to gain 1% town influence for a guild is not permanent. Instead, the number of influences that guild members have activated in a town are taken as a percentage over the total number of influences from members of all guilds, which is why guild town influence is measured in percentages.
  • Remember one person influencing will usually not cause a visible effect on the percentage of our guild's influence in a town. Usually, lots of members of the our guild must participate in this activity to significantly raise the influence in a town.

However, as other guilds gain influence in a town, the influence Evening Star Society has in that town will start to drop and must then be reclaimed. The closer a town is to Godville (the milestone origin), the shorter the time it will take for the influence a guild has there to decrease since the town is more easily accessible. Influence does not decay, it is merely reclaimed by other guilds. This means that we will have a better chance at keeping/getting influence in other towns the farther the town is from Godville.


To join our ranks, send a voice saying:

Join the "Evening Star Society" guild

If your hero does not listen, send it again until you get a response. It can take several tries. Your hero is most likely to listen when idle and not in a town. Do not stop your hero's current quest before sending the command to join.

  • Once you become a member please change your motto to something with the word "star" in it. Then copy and paste this ✯ star logo and put it somewhere in your motto.

Joining The High Council

  • To be on the high council your hero has to be active and need be ranked at Cardinal or higher.
  • Add the Evening Star Society leader, GodStargazer , as your friend by putting in the god's name in the invite.
  • Ask if you can be in the high council by messaging GodStargazer 

High Council

Once in the high council, each member will need to contribute at least one good proportion of high quality work to the guild page (NEEDS TO MAKE SENSE TO EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS WRITTEN-NO RANDOM STUFF).

Consult with any Council Members if there are any questions.

Ranking Information

The ranking system can be seen below starting from the left with the time taken to reach the rank given below it (the number of days between the rank and the rank before it. Attaining the rank of cardinal (although cardinal is not the highest rank attainable) means that the hero will not try to leave the guild (by randomly starting a guild joining quest). However, if a god does not check on their hero for over 28 days, they will leave the guild regardless of their current rank, so be sure to stay active so your hero can join the high council and the guild council chat.

Guild Rank: Fan Intern Recruit Follower Master Chief Master Advisor Grand Master Cardinal Hierarch Patriarch or Matriarch Regent Prophet
Day Number: 0 1 3 8 18 35 60 90 135 200 300 450 600
Delta (days): 0 (+1) (+2) (+5) (+10) (+17) (+25) (+30) (+45) (+65) (+100) (+150) (+150)

Helpful Tips

  • Go to Torioto's Guide to Building a Temple for some useful hints on how to gain bricks.
  • Once you give a direction command to your party in dungeon, they'll continue that direction until they hit a wall.

Guild Challenges

The Challenge


  • Start Date: January 1st End Date: January 31st 2016
  • This challenge is to help members complete their temples and arks, and for members who have completed their arks to find more male/female animals, along with making the guild more active! Having a temple benefits the guild by raising guild funds.
  • The completed ark category will always be separate from the others as points will be tallied up differently.
  • The best way to get gold bricks is to fight arena battles and to change bold items in your inventory into gold bricks
  • The best way to gain gopher wood for arks is to run dungeons, preferably with guild mates.
  • Send GodStargazer  a private message that you you like to join
  • The CHALLENGE PRIZE= 4 GOD Charges for each winner in the Temple and Ark leaderboards GodStargazer  will send the prize to the winner
  • The leaderboard will be updated by GodStargazer 

Leader board

Influence Challenge - Updated July 11 10:45 PM

Rank God Name Points

Winners of Past Challenges

Influence Challenge

June 2012

January/February 2013

July 2015

Temple and Ark Challenge(Ark added 2013)

July 2012

November 2013

August 2014

April 2015

Arena Challenge

October 2013

Riddle Challenges

Here lies some of the hardest riddles in the world that have yet to be solved. Answers are not case sensitive, they do not have spaces or any punctuation. Answers only include letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9). (ex. apollo11). Private message GodStargazer  with your guess. The winner will receive $10 worth of god charges. Once the riddle has been solved, a new one will be posted.

The Riddle

  • Hint: Washington State
  • Possible Hint: Washington State Fair. "The fair continually ranks in the top ten largest fairs in the United States"
  • Riddle: One of the 10 largest in the world name the first of each above the Queen.

Past Winners

The High Council

High Council Leader


High Council Members

GodSnowiphoenix  GodKoshika 

Dedicated Members


Extra Info

Guild Shop


Check out the Evening Star Society shop!! You can buy many different kinds of products with our guild's fantastic emblem on it. http://www.cafepress.com/EveningStarSocietyShop

You can find: ~T-shirts ~jewelry ~phone cases ~bags ~much more!!!

If you do purchase a product, take a picture of it and post it on this guild page. Then you will be recognized as a dedicated member and your gods name will be posted!!

Hopefully we will get a point system going where members can get points and win prizes.

Evening Star Society shot glass.jpeg


  • Local Hero breaks the unbreakable!
  • Killer tomatoes crash garden party
  • Conspiracy theorist remains unconvinced
  • Disgruntled gnomes find the unbreakable broken and try to put it back together

Tip of the week

  • To avoid alligator attacks don't swim In waters in habited by large alligators

Lost and Found

  • Lost dignity If found please put in a jar and duck tape the lid, apparently it's hard to keep hold of. I would like it back ASAP and have no clue where it is. If found please e-mail me thanks
  • Found Teenagers, Dear parents Are you missing several hundred drunk teenagers? They are on the corner of Amelia and Cadondelet. They seem confused and are peeing everywhere. Please come collect them before they get pregnant.

Favorite Quotes