Eternal Flame

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Eternal Flame
Motto: "One who stick hand in flame, shall burn."
Alignment: Peaceful
Date Founded: Another forgotten guild factoid
Guild Page: Eternal Flame 
Data current as of October 10 2019

Two things you need to know: 1) The flame is eternal, almost as eternal as your hero/heroine's longing for alcohol. 2) That's it. There is no second thing.


Eternal Flame is the guild that burns for freedom. We will set fire to almost anything in the name of free will.

How to join

First, congrats, cause if you're bothering to look at this page, your hero/heroine has probably already joined. If not, well, don't you have anything better to do?

To manually coerce your subject into joining you must command them with your supernatural voice: *Join the "Eternal Flame" guild*. Take our advice, don't try to command them while they're busy fighting, trading, or drinking. These things tend to... dilute the potency of your message.

Once your subject is in the guild they may decide they know what's best and go on a quest to find a better guild (psh as if that existed). Simply tell them to stop their foolish quest, and remind them who's boss. Or, you know, coddle them for trying to take initiative.

When they reach the rank of cardinal, you may use their guild influence to nominate, vote, and elect a guild leader. This can only be done with a certain number of Cardinals, a nomination, and a given number of votes. That's it. No more useful information here. Seriously. That's all there is. Quit reading this garbage.

What, did you think because a new paragraph started, there would suddenly be more useful information? Well, there isn't. Thanks for reading anyways, I suppose.

Flame on!

Nope, that's not ours.