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Alignment: Good with a touch of evil
Totem Monster: Eternal Dalmatian
Leader: GodMuffin Of Doom 
Date Founded: ???????
Membership Count: 30
Pantheon of unity Rank: 14
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 65
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 39
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 14
Guild Page: Eternal 
Data current as of 2021-06-21

Since its founding, Eternal has always attracted heroes with a kind heart. Drinking beer, sharing our feelings, drinking beer, boasting about our latest adventure, drinking more beer we may have a problem, those have always been our favorite activities together, but other heroes started looking down on us for being too peaceful. Things got ugly during a bar fight, some of our people got really drunk and got beaten up by a rival guild, that’s when some more “questionable” paladins grew tired of these bullies taking advantage of heroes who were just trying to have some fun and they gave them a lesson. That night we learned that a necessary touch of evil can be useful to avoid becoming someone’s laughing stock. But having fun is not the only reason we got together. Here among us there are some of the wisest heroes of Godville, gathered to discuss some of the MOST important issues of our age (like beer of course). Never insult beer in front of a Timekeeper, you may very well sign your own death sentence.


It all started a long time ago, when heroes were still scarce and the Gods less capricious, some paladins naturally gravitated together in a pub. Town after town, trip after trip, adventure after adventure they always found eachother, between the dizziness and the laughter they slowly developed a sense of brotherhood, and vowed to always have eachother’s back. With a toast the alliance was formed, they didn’t even realize it at first, but they had just tied their destinies together with the invisible strings of friendship. In that moment the guild was formed, one of the very firsts to ever see the light of this world, if not the first. For generations they had no name to define what they had created, all they knew was that somehow they were receiving discounts and benefits whenever they visited a town. Soon other heroes started copying their idea, but because they had no way of distinguishing themselves from any other group of heroes, towns stopped giving them discounts. It was at that point they realized they needed a name and a guild card, “Eternal” was picked as a good omen, because it was the oldest, and in hope that it would never die.

Totem Monster

Not many know that the Eternal Dalmatian gets its name from the guild itself. These wonderful creatures can sniff someone’s alignment, it was only natural they would feel attracted to the kindness of this group. At first known as Demonic Dalmatians when people started noticing them always at our heroes’ side, they decided to rename them, making the bond official. We weren’t sure how they would react when the first more ruthless members started coming in, but after a few uncertain sniff they accepted them among us and everything continued as usual. Heroes beware, if you want to join the Eternals you must pass the sniff test, if our totem monster refuse you, you will not be well accepted among us.

Hall of Heroes

Here are the names of some of the heroes who are truly Gods among... Gods?

Invictious The Hall Builder A Titan of a god who's only listed here because he paid for this hall to be built. An epic god of no notable achievements.

KaWraith The Miracle Machine So named in honour of their tireless devotion to increasing our Guild standing and then posting the results for all to read.

Colorscreen The Sign Maker So named in honour of their creativity in designing a new symbol for our guild. Long may it light our way.

All victims of our terrible curse, they have now disappeared, but they will not be forgotten.

Notable News

Day 3556 g.e Our loyal and honorable member Invictious reappeared out of nowhere. His manifestation was something out of this world, his light touched everything around him for miles, people at Heisenburg will surely remember it for quite some time.


Want to help us climb the unity pantheon and have fun? Write this to your hero: Please join “Eternal” guild outside of town and only if the hero is not engaged in combat. If this doesn't seem to work try and change the word join with enroll.

Remember that you'll be officially accepted as a guild member only after an Eternal Dalmatian has given you their blessing. Treat them with kindness and you may be lucky enough to be granted an aura of totemism.


You may think our lives are all fun and games, but we have our dark secrets. This has always been a guild built on friendship and trust, but a mysterious phenomenon started occurring after our founders perished. No one knows how it happened, nobody can even remember how our founders disappeared, in all honesty we can’t even remember their names or their faces. All informations about them vanished in thin air. "Our founders are not as Eternal as their guild" those were the words of our former leader Talisman god. But truth to be told it’s not as simple as that. Within the halls of our headquarters appeared a cryptic warning: “Beware of the other side”. Nobody knows what it means, but every time a new leader gets elected their God somehow vanishes, leaving them to aimlessly wander from town to town without a purpose. Where do they go? Why do they leave their heroes? Nobody has any idea, but when they come back they often deny their absence and make various excuses for themselves.

For many generations we had no idea what was happening, until another former leader, Invictious, admitted that the curse was and indeed is very real. While his God was active at first, checking up on the paladin every day to confirm he was still there, he vanished after sometime. He eventually came back, but he wasn’t able to explain his absence. He mentioned some things like “…Reality... getting in the way…” and “…completely exhausted…” and also “…death by work.". These excuses just made everything more mysterious. What kind of reality was he talking about? Was it the other side the warning was telling us about?

In recent times the new leaders actively fought against the curse, succeeding to keep their Gods by their side, and talking to the members every once in a while, but the fear of it striking again is always around the corner.

Who will be the next brave hero to run for the position? Could it strike you next?