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Alignment: Good with a touch of evil
Totem Monster: Eternal Dalmatian
Leader: GodLady Riddler 
Date Founded: ???????
Membership Count: ~29
Guild Page: Eternal 
Data current as of 2020-01-20

Eternal is a guild where sharing conversations and feelings over beer (or juice for minors) is a common occurrence. A guild where heroes with good alignment flock. Things were all nice and rosy until some people picked fights with the members. It was then they started recruiting heroes with evil alignment too to help them fight the forces that oppose the allmighty beer. Please note that BEER is just one of the things that's considered eternal in this guild.

Eternal is also a guild of great wisdom where some of the wisest heroes in Godville gather to discuss THE most important issues of our age (usually what items we've received as well as whether our current leader is alive or dead). A quote from one of our wisest members says it best "How great and powerful we think gods to be, yet how weak and irrelevant they truly are..."


Long, long ago, where heroes had already roamed the lands and the Gods were still quite idle, there was a meeting of heroes over beer. The heroes chatted about their Gods, about how they were given blessings or lightnings, or some lucky ones were given sight of miracles created by their Gods. They were entranced or maybe just a tad bit drunk, but nonetheless intrigued by how much they have in common with each other, even though other heroes besides themselves were like them. This tradition has been passed down since the ancient times. Truly, the Eternal guild has been here for eons. It was the first hero guild created. They had no name for it, mainly because they didn't know that what they're doing was something called "guild activity". Some members were confused why they were given discounts or any other benefit because of some "guild cards" and were surprised because some monster give them an aura of totemism for free without fighting it. It wasn't until the 45th leader came up with the name Eternal because of how old it was.

Hall of Heroes

Here are the names of those Heroes of the Eternal Guild of Eternal who are truly Gods among... Gods?

Invictious 'The Hall Builder' A Titan of a god who's only listed here because he paid for this hall to be built. An epic god of no notable achievements.

KaWraith 'The Miracle Machine' So named in honour of their tireless devotion to increasing our Guild standing and then posting the results for all to read.

Colorscreen 'The Sign Maker' So named in honour of their creativity in designing a new symbol for our guild. Long may it light our way.


Eternal was a guild built based on togetherness and even the first generations heroes of the guild didn't have a specific master. Oddly, when someone proclaimed themselves or was elected to be leader, a mysterious phenomenon occurs. After they were officially a guild leader, they vanished. The guild leader would sometimes appear for a very short period of time, then disappear again for who knows how long. They say it's a curse that involved external matters when the first generations establish this guild, but some say the guild leader was forced to work at Godville HQ to bring new ideas, enhance ideas, review ideas, and many other things, some say they were to go on a paid vacation to some island and was deserted there, another said that they were forced to deal with real life problems, but no one can say for certain, even the returning guild leaders often deny these claims and made various excuses for themselves. Even the disappearence of the founder of the guild is a mistery. No one can even remember their name or their face, once they left, traces of them were quickly forgotten as well. As our former leader Talisman god once said "Our founder is not as Eternal as his guild".

Another former guild leader, Invictious, allegedly admitted that the curse was and is indeed very real. While he was active at first, like notifying his daily status to the guild, he vanished after sometime. He returned eventually to his post but so he couldn't or indeed wouldn't explain his absence. Speculations range from monsters, aliens or even the mythical 'Godville Correction Corp'. He mentioned some things like "... Reality... Getting in the way.." and "... Completely exhausted.." and also "... Death by work.". These quotes from Invictious made other guild members interested as they began wondering 'is the curse real?', and will they even be brave enough to run for the guild leader position when the curse could strike anyone. In recent times the new leaders actively fought against the curse, succedeing to be active and talking to the members every once in a while, but the fear of it striking again is always around the corner.

Could it strike you next?