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Alignment: Bright
Totem Monster: Oval Lord
Leader: GodThe Dark Wanderer 
Forum Headquarters: Equinox
Guild Page: Equinox 
Data current as of 29 May 2018


☀ Equinox ☀ the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length (about September 22 and March 20).

With equality between light and darkness, all heroes and heroines are welcome regardless of alignment. Just so some of are are really into the game, and others just visit once in a while to play. We have been growing a lot over the past few years and while we were once a small silent guild, we're slowly becoming quite powerful with our combined efforts and general fun.

This past dueling season we unlocked a guild mascot! Now that it is unlocked, we will have a mascot forever! This mascot (also known as a Totem Monster[1]) will be a monster we choose which our heroes/heroins can run into to receive a fun little gift such as an artifact, experience, or even an aura!

So far we have gone with Oval Lord. The Wiki Page for an Oval Lord is currently very basic and is not based on it being our Totem Monster. If anyone would like to update the Oval Lord wiki page to be more Equinox-y, or has an idea for a future totem monster please share your thoughts in Guild Chat. Even if the monster you come up with isn't yet in the game: we can vote it in. Bosses and tamable monsters can not be totem monsters.

Huzzah for unlocking our Totem Monster!!!

Go Equinox!!!!! :D

Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, please ask :) --Viola Rosaline (talk) 20:31, 10 December 2015 (UTC)

(If you'd like to be included in the following tables, please have a ☀ icon in your motto!)

Temple Builders nearly finished!

There are currently no Equinox members with less than 200 bricks to go. :( But lots of people recently finished theirs! Yay :D

Ark Builders nearly finished!

Name Logs Left
Digi 103
Prossie 200
Ressaca 460

Totem Monster Heroes

The following heroes will forever have our gratitude for helping unlock Equinox's Totem Monster.

Totem Monster Heroes - Seniors
Name Rank Wins/Losses Elo Score
Viola Rosaline 35 13 / 5 569.7
Entomologisto 41 5 / 0 561.5
Prossie 152 1 / 0 513.0

Totem Monster Heroes - Juniors
Name Rank Wins/Losses Elo Score
Eilwen Briallen 39 25 / 3 681.5
SlySpaghettiMonster 103 25 / 9 623.7
Cicendela 119 11 / 0 610.1
Naraman 183 23 / 13 586.8
TorMak 184 8 / 0 586.6
Graydaze 184 2 / 0 524.7
Dasken 1177 2 / 2 519.4
Bearded Dwarf 3244 3 / 3 504.6
Hanibear 4750 1 / 2 487.9