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Once a hero finishes his first hundred regular quests, he may get a chance to do something bigger – embark on a really epic mission. The epic quests are much longer, but so are the rewards. Impatient gods can easily cancel these quests with the usual god voices should they need to.
Godville Blog, post 59: Epic Update

The first epic-quest in Godville commenced on June 18, 2012. It is not known which hero was the first to start that epic quest, though it is believed that the first epic quest was completed the next day.


Generally, epic quests are longer and more rewarding than regular quests. Characteristics include the following:

  • A hero may embark on an epic quest after completing 100 regular quests.
  • An epic quest usually takes 24 to 72 hours with most being completed between 40 and 50 hours.
  • Heroes will travel up to or past the 600th milestone (based on available data).
  • Epic quests seem to occur at quest numbers divisible by 20 (e.g. Quest #760 or Quest # 240). However, it's possible to find your hero doing an epic quest with a number which does not meet this criteria.
 Quest# 128: Audit all the pantheons of Godville (epic)
  • If the hero has immediately completed a quest one number less than a number divisible by 20 (e.g. Quest # 219) and his pet is knocked out, the hero will not embark on an epic quest. It is believed that a hero will embark on a regular quest instead to maximize the chances for the hero to resurrect the pet.
  • Epic quests can be aborted by the following voice of god commands: "stop quest," "cancel quest," or "abandon quest."
  • Epic quests can be interrupted by one or more mini-quests.
  • The voice of god command "complete quest faster" may cause the hero to complete the quest in less time.

Rewards For Completion

The rewards for completing an epic quest are lucrative and randomized. Rewards include a combination of any of the following:

  • 6,000 to 25,000 gold coins
  • A piece of equipment
  • A generous amount of experience
  • 1 to 3 gold bricks
  • 1 to 7 logs of gopher wood. The number of logs awarded is roughly based upon the number of days between the end time of the previous epic quest and the start time of the current epic quest. Accordingly, gods are encouraged to allow seven days to pass before starting a new epic quest so as to maximize the number of logs awarded.

Unexpected Epic Quests

A portion of the Daily Forecast from the Godville Times #1061

On occasion, certain conditions may greatly increase the chances of a hero getting an unexpected epic quest. Fortunately, the Godville Times has excellent forecasters who can predict these events with complete accuracy. To take advantage of these unusual events, a god should do the following to finish the current quest faster so the hero will be assigned an unexpected epic quest:

  • Keep the hero in moderate to good health. This will prevent the hero from returning to town to heal, which slows quest progress. A god should also use miracles when a hero is in low health. A miracle has the chance to fully heal the hero or provide the hero with enough knowledge to instantly finish 5% of an epic quest or 25% of a regular quest.
  • Refrain from going to a dungeon, fighting in the arena, sparring, conducting a mini-quest, fighting underground boss-monsters, and skirmishing (as much as possible). All of these will distract a hero from questing and cause the quest to progress slower.

A God should also do the following:

  • Complete the current quest at least two hours before the end of the Godville day (the bottom left of the Godville Times shows how much time is left in the Godville day).
  • If the end of the Godville day is quickly approaching and the hero has completed the current quest, a god should heal the hero before returning to town. This will allow the hero to skip the healing process and the hero should get the new quest quicker, though this may cause the hero to spend more coins on alcohol.
  • If the hero gets a regular quest on an unexpected epic quest day, the god should send the voice command “cancel quest” as soon as possible (cancel the regular quest in the same manner as cancelling a change of guild quest). This will cause the hero to cancel the current regular quest, return to town, and hopefully get that unexpected epic quest. This is why the current quest should be completed at least two hours before the end of the Godville day. A god can only cancel two quests in a row. If a god attempts to cancel a third, a hero will say "My Lord, I'm starting to get tired of leaving good quests half-finished."

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