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Monsters of Godville
Elephas phantasma
Class Elephant Ghost
Habitat Elephant graveyards or ruins
Description The lingering apparition of an elephant

The Elephantom (Elephas phantasma) is the spirit of a once-alive elephant, that has somehow yet to transcend from the material plane.

General Information

It often appears late at night, especially in fog, making its movements somewhat obscured. While the Elephantom can't actually inflict any physical damage, each of its attacks still feel extremely real, incapacitating its enemies with fear. It itself is just as unaffected by physical attacks too, so heroes intent on victory would need some magical skills effective against monsters of the spectral variety. The victims that fail to vanquish this ghost or flee from it, are often later found dead on the ground, faces perpetually frozen in horror.

Some hero guilds used to get new applying members to visit the graves of dead elephants at night and carve the guild emblems there, as part of their initiation rituals to test the courage of the applicants. However this was swiftly banned after the subsequent spike in deaths caused by the residing Elephantoms. Nowadays, guilds only engage in the rare cases when they have to get rid of rampant Elephantoms wreaking havoc on nearby settlements.

Contrary to popular rumours, the Elephantom does not don a white mask, nor does it have any interest in operatic singing.



  • Immunity to physical damage
  • Attacks that damage one's psyche and willpower


  • Vulnerable to exorcising magic
  • Extremely shy of daylight
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