Elephant of Surprise

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Monsters of Godville
Elephant of Surprise
Elphas admiratio
Class Silent elephant
Habitat Other side of the corner
Description A prankster pachyderm

The Elephant of Surprise (Elphas admiratio) is one of the sneakiest monsters in all of Godville.

It's really quite a terrible fighter and not good at anything except sneaking up on poor hapless heroes. It isn't particularly large, strong, smart, or creative; so it's quite a formidable opponent for any hero below level 200.



  • Very sneaky
  • Master of the secret ninja crane walk
  • Sworn guardian of the Element of surprise, actually this doesn't really mean anything
  • Can walk silently over bubble wrap


  • Broad daylight
  • Spotlights
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Things that you take lightly
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