Electrostatic discharge

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Skills of Godville
Electrostatic discharge
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Electrostatic Discharge is a high level combat skill that is rare. It's history is traced back in the era of physics geniuses that found what are current, voltage and charge.

Later, some pocket monsters that are called Pokémon which are electric-type was seen having this skill. For example, Pikachu has the volt tackle, Zapdos has Thunder, some Magnetic/Steel type has the Charge. Which is the Q=IxT formula, where Charge is Q, Current is I and Time is T. This tells you the amount of electricity is being discharged after storing up for a period of time.


Level 1-5

A weak electricity (Thunder Wave) is being discharged at the opponent rendering him/her paralysed for an amount of time which varies with the user's level.

Level 6-10

A small amount of electricity (Thundershock) is aimed at the opponent. He/She receives a shocking heart attack briefly, the user can attack with little resistance

Level 11-15

The user charges up and rush at the enemy at the speed of light, causing chaos and serious damage to them. Rumoured to rival The Fourth Hokage's Flying Thunder God's speed. Haha, take that, fool!

Level 16-20

The user can either blast a strong bolt of electricity at the opponent(s), (Thunderbolt) or concentrate it into a ball of deadly electricity and pierce it into the heart. (Chidori or Raikiri depending on the level) For Raikiri, it is shaped like a blade. Chidori has a few variations like The Chidori Current, passing the current through a sword sharpening it. Caution: Fatal.

Level 20-30

The user discharges a massive shockwave across a battlefield up to 1 km, causing massive injuries. It is called Shockwave Discharge.

Level 30-40

The user sends a strong channel of electricity to the heavens, (could sychronise with the gods) blasting bolts of electricity at the opponent. The rival heros will blame their gods for 'punishing' them. This is called Thunder.

Good Personalities Level 40+

The user will attain a temporary state of immortality, dubbed The Thunder God. He can discharge any amount of electricity to the opponents. He can also hurl thunderbolts at them at will. It is the true form of good heroes' Electrostatic Discharge.

Evil Personalities Level 40+

Many evil heroes experience headaches that could lead to death thanks to Electrostatic Discharge's twin skill, Psycho Discharge. The hero enters a temporary state of psychosis and sends out a massive amount of dark-powered electricity that, with Dark Chidori, can be aimed at an opponent during battle.

During a fight...

"As a lightning bolt streaks dramatically across the sky, the hero and the Monster's Stunt Double run for cover..."

During a duel.....

"Wilson Ace gave a spark strike. Mad Clown showered the surrounding area with sparks."