Electric Orc Welder

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Electric Orc Welder
Electric Orc Welder.png
Strong Monster
Class Orc
Description Unknown

The Electric Orc Welder is monster that is a victim of an unfortunate mishap.

He was a simple Orcish metalworker, spending his days welding and unwelding metal. One day however, during a freak (God induced) storm, he was struck by a stray (or perhaps intentional) bolt of lightning. When he awoke, he shook off the pain and severe burns to return to his work. His welder, however, had been fried. In a fit of frustrated, Orcish rage his fingertips burst into superheated electrical sparks. Not questioning this shocking development he set to work. Unfortunately, he would later go on to accidentally kill his entire village by shaking hands. Alone, he wanders the lands, just searching for a cure.

The Electric Orc Welder is constantly misunderstood by the heroes of Godville, sadly such is the issue with language barriers. The Electric Orc Welder will often, and perhaps foolishly, stop wandering heroes begging for help. The hero, unable to understand the poor creature, generally responds negatively.



  • Shockingly good at welding
  • Electrifying personality
  • Powerful grip


  • Terrible in the rain
  • Can never shake hands
  • Frequently inflicts self burns when scratching an itch

In Diaries

!Hero's Diary
My weapon could use a new scabbard. Perhaps this Electric Orc Welder will do?