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Motto: Beer, Babes, Booze, uh... Beer!
Alignment: Bright
Leader: GodRicarteelit 
Membership Count: 34
Pantheon of unity Rank: 85
Guild Page: Eeden 
Data current as of February 22, 2021

Eeden is an odd jobs, questing and general comraderie related guild. The majority of the guilds profits, but not limited to, are made by citizens paying for the "protective services" of our most-loyal members. The guild focus more on the fraternization between our members and generally random shenanigans in the council.


The guild was founded by one Armulus who claims his god spoke to him after handstand chugging 47 beers. The guild name comes from multiple ventures which have all previously failed. Armulus also claimed that those past failures weren't due to poor leadership, but because only businesses which are abbreviated and entirely unpronounceable, succeed. The fate of the guild's founder is currently unknown, though he is suspected to have fallen into an adventuring coma and currently paralyzed in the middle of some unknown land filled with Nether Aether and fluffy bunnies.

Employment Benefits

Eeden offers a wide range of benefits for those who can successfully join and wait the appropriate amount of time for their paperwork to process. We offer these services completely free of charge or at a significant discount.

  • Guild Doctor - Watch out, she's a sassy one. She gives discounts on oral surgeries over 8 teeth.
  • Presents - That's right! Presents! Everyone loves Presents. You might even get one.
  • Private Rooms - Each God/Goddess is issued their own private rooms here. Ignore the camera lens and recording lights though.
  • Beer! - Did we forget to mention the Everflowing Fountain of Beer? Oh, silly us!
  • Dungeon - Yes! We have a dungeon. Minotaur bouncers, Satyr DJs, Succubus dancers. Oh, you were thinking of the other kind of dungeon weren't you?
  • Togas Optional - On days ending in "Y"

As of Blackruby's ascension as guild leader, all Gods and Goddesses now have free access to the Guild's Fountain of Everflowing Beer. Which has interestingly led to some soon-to-be-repeated God-Subordinate fraternization events.

Since Party Goat's election guild members also have access to the Party Dungeon which might have caused a few welcome and unwelcome incidents.

Current Objectives

  • Have fun!
  • Increase camaraderie.
  • Raid Ricarteelit's and Party Goat's Pantry for anything edible.
  • Lock naughty membership in "The Closet"
  • Obtain the right to have a mascot through dueling.
  • Increase Guild standings in all cities.
  • Become so inebriated from the Ever Flowing Beer Fountain that we enjoy Whipday Wednesdays.


First Era

This era began when the our first guild leader (Sorry, we meant mistress) Blackruby dropped her toga and was elected. In a time when the guild Gods and Goddesses barely spoke to each other, this goddess inspired others to rise up to the task. So began the guild's fresh new beginning. Her reign was marked with hedonistic parties and the "toga optional" rule currently enjoyed by all members of the guild council. Her rulership style left it hard to ignore her and the guild council rose up to the occasion. While her rule lasted for but one mandate, she left everyone breathless.

Her toga was last seen in Ricarteelit's possession after he won a contest over it.

Second Era

Also known as the Era of Laziness, the start of this Era was marked by the rise to power of the god Ricarteelit. It was an era that had a duration of two mandates as, despite accomplishing little and being very lazy, Ricarteelit was reelected once.

The only major achievements in this era was the creation of the guild's highest rank for the heroes and heroines of demigod and the ever increasing dynamization of the guild council by introducing random topics for the entertainment of the gods and goddesses of the guild.

Third Era

This era's beginning is marked by the election of Party Goat as the new guild leader, an era also known as the Party Era or the Era of Fun. Supported by the previous leader, Party Goat began his mandate by declaring the creation of the guild's Party Dungeon, a place for all heroes and heroines to enjoy themselves and have fun. A dungeon which of late has been locked, barred and sealed, awaiting its master.

Party Goat, like all previous leaders also helped with the guild council by furthering the previous leader's idea of random topics by creating them at an increased pace and making them much more fun to play along with.

Party Goat has gotten reelected introducing hyperlinked videos to increase fun by at least 20%. May the party era never die.

Under the purview of the great leader Party Goat, the uppermost echelon of the guild has been renamed to masterdancer.

This era ended with the disappearance of Party Goat whose return is much awaited by those he left behind.

Fourth Era

Although the Third Era continues, the heavenly cosmos quakes. Insects have clouded the skies. Pestilence, plagues, and Send-More-Nudes are occurring in ever increasing rates. rivers have changed to wine. The everflowing fountain of beer has mysteriously restarted. Heroes have become drunken in stupor while fishing the rivers. Guild sages beseech the gods and goddesses to return of the old ways of never ending debauchery before She-who-must-not-find-her-toga re-awakens.

After much in-fighting, and constant elections, a winner emerged triumphant. The Fourth Era officially started after the reelection of Ricarteelit for his 3rd mandate. Great hope exists for this event to overturn the long era of stasis that the guild went through. May Eeden prosper and the party never end! The Fourth Era has been marked by significant God/God fraternization, with some light BDSM and new recruits to the guild.

As of now, two of the debauched trio have awoken and await the return of the third in order to reach the ultimate apotheosis.

The Everflowing Fountain was found to be in disrepair, and has been replaced with a new fountain of beer. Enjoy!

List of mandates

Current mandate - led by Blackruby

Upper Echelons of the Guild

The upper echelons are those member who in the guild are considered semi-permanent and have voting rights (i.e. cardinals and above). The members from this group are ranked, from the lowest to the highest ranks, from cardinal to Seraphim.

There are currently 22 heroes and heroines part of the upper ranks.


Rhodos, Peitho's hero

The Nameless Cookie, Ricarteelit's hero

Aditu, Winterfragments's heroine

Linora And Lorina, Zelnonmon's hero

Luilui, Moimoi's hero

Jedi-josh, Who-ster's hero

Rite, Mistaria's hero


Johnny B Johnson, Norm the Tubular's hero

Obsidiatryx, Blackruby's heroine

Boomslang, Omnipotato's hero


Dwight Rortugal, Len923's hero

Zalziaz, Ctoggha's hero


Shape Ilem, Easterner's hero

Fiona Stonebreaker, Letha's heroine

Zon Zai, Betchuni's hero


Shiro-chan, Wakaba Hiiro's heroine

Anna Asle, Ellednera's heroine

Vhangfeng, Ryoutes's hero


Vasco, Sekaero's hero

The Human Pebble, Play's hero

LittleMissy, TheOnlyOne2's heroine

Bulma, Vincent Dark's heroine


The upper guild rank of demigod was unlocked by high popularity during Ricarteelit's rule. This rank was later renamed to masterdancer by Party Goat and now to seraphim by Blackruby.


This wiki was edited by Ricarteelit who had a lot of fun doing it.