EJ Rose

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Deities of Godville
EJ Rose 
Heroine Lana Reginald
Personality Nice Enough
Gender Female
Motto No Lana! Bad Heroine!
Favourite Town Herolympus
Guild position Archives Preserver and Records Chronicler
Favorite honored.png Animalist 1st.png Builder 1st.png Careerist 1st.png Shipwright 1st.png Hunter 2nd.png Invincible 2nd.png Martyr 2nd.png Saint 2nd.png Champion 3rd.png Moneybag 3rd.png Raider 3rd.png Renegade 3rd.png Savior 3rd.png

EJ Rose, originally Emjero Fortin, Goddess of the heroine Lana Reginald, Archives Preserver and Records Chronicler of I AM, one of the Patron Goddesses of Herolympus and Supreme Sovereign of the Order of Rosamund is a benevolent, potent and omniscient goddess. Her temple can be found in Godville named "The Rose Temple", erected in her name by her faithful heroine, Lana Reginald. Although her temple is in Godville, her favorite dwelling is her shrine in Herolympus, where she first came upon humans and there started her godly duties. She spends most of her time watching over her favorite heroine, Lana Reginald and making sure history never forgets her heroines' and guilds' deeds by writing it in the stars and in the godwiki pages of Godville. In her spare time, she can be found lazing around in her humble shrine at Herolympus.


Nobody knows exactly where EJ Rose came from. Prior to being the goddess of heroine Lana Reginald, there are no references to her in any text or documents found in Godville. Yet, since the foundation of the Order of Rosamund, the official religion of EJ Rose, several theories have sprouted as to EJ Rose's origins. Please note that the theories listed here are all plausible and yet none of them were ever confirmed by the goddess herself. We were, however, able to trace the original speculators behind these beliefs.

Human Before - High Priestess Vered

One of the most sensible theory regarding the origin of the goddess, a High Priestess of the Order of Rosamund named Vered proclaimed that EJ Rose used to be a human heroine herself who, in her questing, discovered the secrets of the universe. This discovery led to the universe being awed by her abilities and granted her immortality and godhood above all men. Hence why the goddess' most favored human is also a heroine. The High Priestess claims that if it were false, the goddess would've struck her down a long time ago.

Outer Space - A Crazy Fellow on the Street

This theory, first declared by a crazy fellow on the street, is definitely the most out-of-this-world of all. According to him, EJ must be from outer space since the goddess does not have physical form like normal people. And that the goddess, along with other gods, were sent to Godville to enslave the people, take their praises as it gives them power and will someday destroy the whole of Godville. He claims this is the reason why heroes kill the monsters. Because the monsters don't give praises to gods. Obviously this theory is the most ridiculous of all and the most popular to be laughed at and ignored.

Superior Being - Heroine Lana Reginald

The most popular and widely accepted theory by the goddess' followers, said to came from the heroine Lana Reginald herself, is that EJ Rose is simply just a superior being. The heroine was quoted saying after being bombarded with questions, "Who cares? Because I don't. Oh Great One, please make them stop asking me all these questions! I just want my beer!", upon which the crowd became still and the heroine was able to resume her drinking. People who were there believe this to be a sign that the goddess agrees with the heroine. That it doesn't really matter where the goddess came from. All it matters is that she is the Great One, the Supreme Being and the Almighty, wonderful and powerful Goddess EJ Rose!

Goddesshood in Godville

It is unkwown how or when EJ Rose arrived in Godville. All we know is the story she had written in Lana's chronicle which started with her arrival and ends with her having found the heroine who earned her favor.

Patron of Herolympus

The first village EJ Rose, then Emjero Fortin, came upon was the town of Herolympus. Here she spent her time taking care of the people and using her powers for good until her meeting with a goddess named Regina and her hero. This meeting set in motion an inexorable chain of events that will lead to the birth of the heroine Lana Reginald with the guidance and protection of her goddess, EJ Rose.

Despite her leaving Herolympus to travel with her heroine, the goddess will always consider Herolympus her home. After the goddess' temple was completed in Godville, she came back once more to Herolympus and implored it's people to erect a humble shrine in her name if they wish to have her patronage. They were more than willing to do it and since then, EJ Rose became the only Patron Goddess of Herolympus whose heroine is not yet retired.


As all followers of the goddess knows, EJ Rose's champion is the heroine Lana Reginald. The story goes that when Lana was just a little girl, she accidentally encountered a Bipolar Bear and instead of crying or running away like most girls would do, Lana fought it bravely and prevailed with the help of a nearby Atomic Kitten. EJ Rose was so impressed with what she saw that she made Lana her champion and bestowed blessings upon her. Nobody knows exactly what traits EJ Rose was looking for in her champion, yet nobody can deny the exaltation, loyalty and devotion that Lana Reginald has shown, and continue to show, to the goddess.

The Rose Temple

A true feat of greatness and might, "The Rose Temple" is a majestic and magnificent temple made from 1000 pure golden bricks erected in Godville and constructed by Lana Reginald in honor of the Goddess EJ Rose. The temple is also the birth place of EJ Rose's Cult, the Order of Rosamund. The temple is open for followers, worshipers, tourists and blasphemers (with risk of getting hit by a lightning bolt) for following, worshiping and touring and selfies. The temple is considered to be the home of goddess EJ Rose, though she spends most of her time traveling with her heroine. People may leave their sacrifices, prayers, love letters and complaints for the goddess at the altar in the center of the temple.

I AM guild

When Lana Reginald chose the guild she would join, she inadvertently chose for her goddess as well. The I AM guild is a place for both heroes and gods to bond over their shared grievances regarding their gods and heroes, respectively. The goddess is known to help out in guild matters and has taken it upon herself to etch in history the deeds of the guild and her heroine. EJ Rose is also one of the goddesses in the new council, along with gods Gubnait, Uniqua and Iron Dog. She can often be found in the Guild Council just conversing with whoever's there at the time.


In the registry of heroes, Lana Reginald's record shows that when she became a heroine, her goddess was named Emjero Fortin, yet after completing her temple, it was dedicated to the goddess named EJ Rose. There became a confusion as to the identity of the goddess, as the goddess herself does not answer the prayers of those who are not her champion. Some even believed that Emjero Fortin and EJ Rose are two different beings, yet Lana Reginald herself has assured her fans and followers that she has always been faithful to her goddess and has not praised any other gods in the whole of Godville. It is, therefore, widely accepted by the followers of The Order of Rosamund that they are one and same. The name change, however, still remains a mystery to this day. No one knows exactly what prompted the goddess to change her name, when it happened, and why it happened, not even her own champion.