Dress Code Decrypter

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Monsters of Godville
Dress Code Decrypter
Expertum vestis
This sharp gentlefolk is working on christmas sweaters
Class Humanoid
Habitat The fanciest corner of your wardrobe
Description Rampant fashion devotees

Clothes can speak, and the Dress Code Decrypter (Expertum vestis) is the monster who can hear it. Every outfit is a book to be read and properly corrected, or so it said.

Matching Matters

The Dress Coders are obsessed with order and compliance to the dressing code. Their insight on fashion has driven them crazy, matching clothes properly has become an addiction only comparable to that of heroes and beer. Knee high boots are meant to be gracious and exalt one's beauty, and Dress Coders will not stand seeing someone not pairing them with good gloves. This monsters will fix this imbalance by any means necessary, even violent means.

Violent incidents are known to happen whenever this folks are startled. Strapping a groom in the middle of a wedding just to ornate his hat properly is just one of the kindest examples we may find. Legend has it, a waiter once dared spiting the restaurant's Dress Coder wearing a yellow bowtie instead of a white one. Said waiter now has to eat and drink from a straw and it is not certain that he'll walk again, such is the fury these monsters can muster when an infraction arises.

Villany fits like a glove

The first incidents with these folks were covered up without much ruckus. But after the bodies started piling on the alleys of Godville the local authorities dubbed all Dress Coders as monsters. A brave bunch made a stand inside a workshop and weaved clothes until the barricades fell, but the majority just packed all the clothes at hand and went into hiding. They played dress up with each other in abandoned manors and palaces, sometimes they would flock towards caravans in order to raid clothes and sewing materials.

Sometimes they spot hero/ines accidentally, to them paladins are a walking pile of dressing incorrections beyond comprehension. Watchers usually rush to kill them with scissors or even bare hands. Most of times the Dress Coders die agonically, mostly because their beloved outfit is turned into bloody rags.



  • Everyone's crazy about a sharp dressed fiend
  • Dressed to kill
  • Cutting and sewing is their passion


  • Shortest fuse on earth
  • Not as ripped as they think they are
  • Every scratch to their outfit feels like a flesh wound