Dream Shatterer

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Monsters of Godville
Dream Shatterer
Class Demon
Habitat Wastelands of Insomnia
Description Crusher of all Hopes and Dreams

The Dream Shatterer is an extremely dangerous monster who, as his name suggests, shatters dreams. He is a demon that walks around, carrying a large hammer and an urn labeled, "People's Tears". He is apparently ranked to be the "#1 Most Hated Monster" by heroes and monsters alike.

General Information

The Dream Shatterer is considered to be one of the most evil monsters because of his habit of completely crushing any hopes or dreams someone had, literally.

He whacks his victim in the head with incredible speed, using his hammer. Strangely, however, no matter how hard he swings, he cannot cause any form of concussion. This does not make sense to anyone until they realize he shattered his victim's self-esteem instead of shattering their skull. Why this happens, nobody knows. In fact, the Dream Shatterer's mallet does not even cause any physical pain at all. It causes severe emotional pain and trauma.

If a victim's dreams are successfully shattered by this wicked monster, said victim will typically go through an emotional breakdown and start crying. Which allows for the Dream Shatterer to fill his urn with their tears. Then, he drinks their tears and mocks them. However, anyone with a strong will can withstand the swings of his hammer. In that case, the victim's dreams do not get shattered and the victim themself typically becomes furious at the Dream Shatterer, quickly defeating him.

Be it known, despite the monster's urn being labeled "People's Tears", humans are not his only victims. Anyone and anything that can have dreams can become one of his victims.



  • Capable of shattering dreams
  • Drinks his victims' tears
  • Heartless and cruel, making him a vicious opponent


  • Anyone with a strong will
  • Hammer cannot cause any physical pain or injury
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