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Equipment of Godville
Dragon skin jacket
Worn 👕Body
Durability +42
Description Very expensive very tough

The Dragon Skin Jacket is a body item which resembles a snake-skin jacket, except for the fact that it's impenetrable and each individual scale is the approximate size of a large hamburger. It comes in various colors, such as: Green, blue, black (the most common since it makes heroes feel cooler), gold (the rarest, and most visible through trees and so attracts monsters) and iridescent.


The first Dragon Skin Jacket was found by a mysterious hero. Legend tells of an unknown hero who found it at a road side stall selling second-hand clothing. This hero was looking for a replacement after their previous jacket got shredded by their pet Sun Dog.

It looked too big, but when the hero put it on, it was the perfect fit. It appears to have some magical ability to fit whomever owns it. They bought it for quite a hefty sum, but the hero didn't care since it made them look so cool. Later, a stray arrow shot by their friend hit them in the back, but the hero was unscathed.

For the next year, that hero and their friend were testing the invincibility until one day, they discovered it was not lightning-proof, and the hero and his friend died a grisly deaths. Eventually, another hero came along, picked up the jacket and went along with their day.