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Skills of Godville
Dragon pout
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Dragon Pout is a skill in which the hero first takes a particularly uncouth strike to his lower abdomen, he then suddenly stops fighting and sits down on the ground with his arms and legs crossed facing away from his opponent and then sulks. The skill can be used in a variety of combat situations:


Level 1-5

The opponent has a 50% chance of continuing to hit the hero because of the sheer idiocy the hero is displaying by stopping the fight otherwise the hero returns to the fight full of indignation.

Level 6-10

The hero now raises his body temperature, causing steam to coil from his ears, the enemy now only has a 30% chance to continue hitting the hero while the hero belches steam at his opponent.

Level 11-15

The hero now transmits his inner heat to his outside skin, making it turn bright red and slightly burning it, the hero now needs a doctor but the opponent's attacks no longer seem to worry the hero.

Level 16+

The hero now revels in his slightly-warmer power and now coils up in his self-made furnace, his opponent now has serious doubts about continuing the battle at all and the hero will strike with the force of 1,000 suns.