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Monsters of Godville
Class Robot, Vampire
Habitat Abandoned buildings during the day, outside during the night
Description Vampiric flying robot

Draculator is a vicious monster that brings even the most skilled vampires to shame. It is a flying batlike robot that has the ability to drink blood. It is about the size of a typical bank vault door.

General Information

No one knows where the Draculator came from. In fact, the only knowledge of its origin is that some mad doctor was crazy enough to build this monster. It comes out of hiding every night and looks for an unsuspecting victim, be it person or animal. It usually first attacks by swooping and diving at its target to knock them of their feet, then it keeps its enemy pinned down as it proceeds to drink the victim's blood. It seems to never lose its desire to drink blood because, for some reason, blood acts as the robot's fuel.

After a hero was lucky enough to survive and successfully defeat the Draculator, the robot was brought to Los Adminos, where they analyzed the robot's functions and components (Which was difficult, because whoever built it programmed it using only zeroes and ones). They discovered it could fly as fast as a speeding bullet, had a thorough knowledge of combat, heat-seeking vision, and a calculator function. In fact, if someone asks it a math question, it enters "Calculator Mode" and announces the calculated answer with a gravelly robot voice. However, if it is attacked in this mode, it will re-enter "Vampire Mode" and proceed to attack. The analysis seemed to go well, until the robot activated its self-repair function during the next full moon and escaped. Every once in a while, there are reports of livestock and people being attacked by a "giant metal bat".



  • Blood-powered
  • Heat-seeking
  • Self-repair function (Only during full moons)
  • Attacks at night, adding an element of surprise
  • Can fly
  • Fast
  • Durable metal body


  • Water (Especially Holy Water)
  • Sunlight
  • Not having enough blood
  • Math questions
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