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Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

The Doyouthinkhesaurus is a monster that is a flying predatory dinosaur or pterosaur, but characteristically nearsighted. Although this is common knowledge amongst heroes, many still ask the question "Do you think he saw us?"

The female of the species is called a Doyouthinkshesaurus, though it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the male and the female at a distance, as the squinting nature of these creatures covers the only sexually dimorphic attribute located on its 32nd eyelash.

There are also variant subspecies such as the Doyouthinktheysaurus which is either hermaphroditic or a group of Doyouthinkhesauruses, causing most heroes to have a nervous breakdown deciding on which is which.



  • Good posture
  • Characteristically questionable
  • Can fly long distances


  • Nearsighted
  • Can't ever find it's glasses (***if you find a Doyouthinkhesaurus's glasses, it will consider itself indebted, though this isn't to any benefit as they consider the best repayment by nonstop fruitcake deliveries to your address)
  • Allergic to cats
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