Dove of peace

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Skills of Godville
Dove of peace
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The dove of peace is a misunderstood skill and is often taken for granted, being labeled a "sissy skill." However, if properly mastered, it can be a hero's/heroine's greatest asset--Divine help directly from their god--and no Godpower required!

It takes a great deal of spirituality, though, and while it is suggested heroes who want to master it stay AWAY from pubs and taverns, if their god deems it appropriate to coax their hero into honing the skill while in a stupor...well can't argue with that logic...assuming the mind plays a role in spirituality. In which case get the hero hiccuping and seeing pink elephants first, for safe measure. Performing the dove of peace skill is fairly simple in procedure, yet extremely powerful and awe-inspiring when executed properly.

To use the skill, the hero simply needs to kneel in prayer, whereupon the Holy Spirit of their god descends in a Pentecost-like manner, with tongues of fire--which then proceed to envelop and completely consume the opponent, turning the battlefield into a BBQ. Yeah, this dove is anything but peaceful!


Levels 1-6

A torrent of holy light shines down from the heavens, giving the enemy a nasty sunburn. Note: some enemy's skin is too thick for visible effect.

Levels 7-14

Light intensifies, and occasionally focuses on a point of weakness causing clothing to catch fire. Blisters form on exposed skin. The fire might cause instant combustion.

Levels 15+

A dove descends, bringing with it sporadic tongues of fire and random flashes of lightning. How do you like your enemies: medium well, well done, or scorched beyond recognition?