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Monsters of Godville
Class Humanoid
Habitat Dark Alleys
Totem for DraGoons of Pompous Exemplitude ⚜️ 
Description Criminal mastermind that looks like that one really famous star we are all thinking about

The Doppelgangster is a really special monster. More special than all other, primarily because it's often confused with really famous monsters, and especially that one really big star we're all thinking off.

The frustration of constantly fighting of paparazzi and fanboys while concurrently dealing with the earth shattering disappointment people experience when realizing the Doppelgangster was not that really famous star we all thinking off, turned it to a life of hate-fueled crime.

Heroes traveling at night should be particularly careful. Doppelgangster might rob a hero of their vanity, leaving them positively naked and confused.

Doppelgangsters might run away promising to really mess you up the next time or might give you a heck of a whopping. Easiest way to deal with the Dopplegangster is to give them a pen and paper and ask the to write a treatise on why they look nothing like that one really famous star we are all still thinking off. Several are still writing away on Godville's roads. The other option is to "join DraGoons of Pompous Exemplitude guild" which as a doppleganger guild itself causes a collapse in the time-space continuum and forces them to sacrifice themselves to the God of Monsters.



  • Master of Doppelganger-jutsu
  • Real Thug


  • Afraid of Cops
  • Overaddicted to cash