Doom Shroom

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Monsters of Godville
Doom Shroom
Amanita Mortus
Class Fungus
Habitat Swamps, Caves, Forests
Description A Mushroom that brings Doom.

The Doom Shroom is a fungal monster often found in forests, caves, swamps, and anywhere dark and damp. Being decomposers, they often are found growing on dead and decaying organic matter. However, they are more dangerous that other fungi as they have also gained an appetite for living heroes. They will attack and devour any hero within reach. Heroes must be well-prepared for an encounter with a doom shroom as it can mean death.

It is advised that heroes are equipped flamethrowers, gasoline, liquid nitrogen, fungicide spray, or all of the above. It is highly recommended that heroes bring all of the above because doom shrooms are resilient and may survive a few of their weaknesses before dying. Bringing too little equipment is often a reason a hero dies to a doom shroom. The doom shroom is also known to breed rapidly, making them very hard to exterminate.



  • Resilient enough to withstand many of their weaknesses for a period of time
  • Poisonous to Eat
  • Rapid breeders


  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Fire
  • Fungicide