Don’t panic

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This is the second part of a three part quest, with rewards along the way. It ends with a boss fight against a Level Boss.

Find a level boss and defeat it
Always carry your Guide Book.

Difficulty: very annoying

Use these steps in order to progress in this quest:

1) 'Keep clam'. We're not sure what shellfish have to do with it, but that's what our badly printed Guide says.

2) 'Keep you head'. Ah, we're not sure exactly where to keep your head, but the Guide is never wrong.

3) 'Be brave'. Oh yes, that's us, we always carry our teddy to keep us brave, no problem.

4) 'Look death straight in the eye'. Ahhhhhhhhh, no. Maybe not. Let me check the guide book again, that can't be right.

5) 'Be steadfast'. Hmm, maybe that's steed fast, you know, to flee quickly. I mean tactically withdraw. It might be a typo.

6) 'Do not be deterred'. ... and carry a big sword. The guide doesn't actually say that, but it's sort of implied.

The quest is only considered "completed" when the hero has actually defeated the level boss and moved on to the next area or level.

The Don't Panic guide book is now also available online.

Mini-Quest Progression

  1. Locate a hive of scum and villainyDirty money (bold) →
  2. Don’t panic“Don’t Panic” T-shirt (bold) → (not always there)
  3. Find a level boss and defeat it – segue to boss →
!Hero's Diary
18:42 Notes from the battlefield: The Level Boss was triumphantly defeated! I've got more experience and looted some gold, but it's time to return to my heroic deeds.