Discover the secret ingredient

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Discover the secret ingredient
why does this taste so good ?
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Discover the secret ingredient is a normal quest that drives the hero to discover what makes beer so irresistible.

General Information

Heroes like and enjoy many things, such as food, shelter and not getting mauled by monsters. But what they really love is beer, this drink is the very cornerstone of their lifestyle. On the rare occasions they think, they usually wonder why this golden elixir is so attractive, thus they always follow any rumour about "the secret ingredient". The "secret ingredient" is just yeast, but the inability of heroes to keep paying attention after hearing the word beer keeps them running around for a while.

Tips for Completion

  • Take notes, but not in the diary for obvious reasons.
  • Carry an aura of abstinence to keep the hero focused.
  • Check bookshops and stores for old beer recipes or brewing manuals. Then find someone who can read them to your hero.

Diary notes

!Hero's Diary
22:26 I found it! The secret ingredient is... love?! Alright, who's the wisecracker? Managed to discover the secret ingredient. Got a quest completion certificate.