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Example of diary of a heroine

The diary of a hero is a window for the hero's point of view on their highly confusing world, into which their god can gaze with fascination. It occupies the center of the hero page of the game, and as such serves as the main monitoring system for the use of checking up on a hero and seeing what they have been doing.

It is a widely known fact throughout Godville that heroes have approximately the same intelligence as a rubber hammer. However, most heroes also have more than make up for this fact by being more curious than cats. This natural, avid curiosity seems to fuel the need to endlessly document every aspect of their adventure. These tales of birth and death, misery and happiness, requires a book. This book will then have to be carried around everywhere and available at a moment’s notice. This the how book known as the diary came to exist.

The cover is often adorned with various artifacts, trinkets, stickers, glitter, and doodles which can include anything such as monsters, pets, dungeons, temples, arks, diagrams, graphs, pie charts, maps, skulls, hearts, a vast array of stars, diamonds, horseshoes, rainbows, or spattered with blood, sweat, and beer, and once in a great while - absolutely nothing. The color of the cover varies, but since heroes tend to have a limited imagination (except when it comes to their descriptions of how big monsters they lost to are), this results in it the hero seeing their diary cover as being either black or white depending on the alignment of the hero.

Diaries tend to have lots of pages in them for the hero to record their adventures upon. Some heroes place inside the pages bookmarks, feathers, rubbings of leaves, small artifacts, or pieces of fur and other bits remaining from their kills.

As for the actual number of pages in the diary that a god can view at any one time, it is invariably ten. This is because some diary pages tend to serve in absolute emergencies for outhouses or even pet and hero food. Other, older previous pages of the diary become damaged to the extent where they can no longer be read. Older pages tend to become quickly damaged especially since while the hero is fighting monsters, it is common practice for him/her to also be writing an entry into their diary while in the middle of attempting to unscrew a monster's head. Older pages are often damaged from the heat of battle, humidity, oils and solvents, with tiny curls and bends, small tears, torn, loose and even crumpled pages causing a jumbled mess, yellowing with age, smears of dirt and spatters from blood stains, beer spills, and moisture from the tears of your enemies and your hero alike. Pages and entire diaries can more often than not be damaged or bloodied during the fight.

Every page must be 100 percent intact in order to be read. Thinking about everything your hero does while carrying their diary around, having a total of 10 entries available for them to reflect on is actually pretty amazing. However; for those of you wondering, if your hero ever stumbles across an option to have more than 10 entries, he or she will refuse it anyway.

!Hero's Diary
02:12 AM Found an electronic diary on the ground. Left it there because why anyone would ever need more than ten entries is beyond me.

The exception to this is if it is a result of their own achievement - a hero who has completed his god's Book of Creation will, by virtue of mastering their wordcraft, gain the ability to put twice as writing on the same number of pages, thus allowing their diary to expand to 20 entries logged at any one time.[1]

Luckily though, the Third Eye helpfully extracts and stores the most important diary entries for safe keeping. All diary entries are time-stamped so a god can keep in chronological touch with their hero. Most diary entries are funny (who knew heroes were this funny? Actually, they aren't, see here) although the majority serve to keep a record of the hero's progress - noting down events such as the purchase of new equipment, the slaughtering of a troublesome monster, or the not-so-occasional drink at the local tavern.

Details on the diary entries of heroes are sometimes featured in the 'ads' section of the Godville Times, where some heroes place information about their desire to reclaim their previously lost diaries. This is despite the fact that each hero decides on their own when to start a new one.


Occasionally, the hero will take one look at their diary and realise that the blood stains, torn pages and ruined spine of the poor book no longer give its owner much credit. The hero therefore buys a new book and bins the old one, thus resetting the diary to one entry, along the lines of 'bought a new diary'. At other times a dragon may come along and rip out a page in the diary for no apparent reason, also causing a part of the diary to be reset.

However, it is important to note the resetting of the diary never affects the Third Eye. Also, a hero may occasionally run out of space in their diary, as evidenced by certain diary entries. (See here).

The color of Diary Entries

Heroes like to own a collection of coloredpens with which to write different types of diary entries:

!Hero's Diary
This is the default color style for when the heroine has done something with no input from their goddess whatsoever (except for replies following voice commands).

This style indicates an influence from the heroine's own goddess, as well as clickable links when underlined.

If you have random shouts enabled, this is what your heroine hears from other gods. Note that on the browser it's unaffected and will only show this instead: (+|||)

Used to show the influence of a rival heroine's goddess in the middle of an arena duel or some Boss Monsters' reactions to divine influence.
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