Diary Page Golem

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Monsters of Godville
Diary Page Golem
Class Golem
Habitat Sites of past battles between heroes and other monsters.
Description Paper Golem

The Diary page golem (Golem commentarius) is a mysterious creature. Rumour suggests that they possess an unearthly insight into heroes' secret thoughts. Like snowflakes, each member of the species is unique in terms of shape and structure. They are good at giving papercuts and have a strong aversion to fire.


The heroes of Godville are intrepid writers. Diary pages fill quickly due to the heroes' large and scrawly handwriting, and are just as quickly lost due to the heroes' insistence on updating their journals mid-battle. One can trace the path of intrepid adventurers by the trails of tattered paper strewn in their wake.

These discarded scribblings - glimpses into the journeys of many different heroes - are imbued with faint shreds of emotion and life.

The lost sheets are swept by the wind into towering piles of paper, and over time, the shreds of life coalesce into a central consciousness...

And thus, a diary page golem is born.

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