Devil's Advocate

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Monsters of Godville
Devil's Advocate
Diabolus advocatus
Class Demon
Habitat Urban Areas
Artifact Folder N666
Totem for Harvest Moon ⚜️ 
Description Small vicious layabouts

The Devil's Advocate (Diabolus advocatus) is a monster of the most irritating variety.

Devil's advocates are demons that love playing havoc with a mortal's senses. They are usually summoned by accident as they are so useless at carrying out any appointed job that not even Satan ever uses them. They have a habit of questioning anything and everything anyone ever says when in their presence. This is usually very annoying to everyone involved (except for the Devil's advocate itself) and so they usually find themselves on their own with nobody to speak to. This does not stop them from living in urban areas, often in a hero's cellar, as they love damp and dark conditions. Their dwarfism makes them hard to spot.



  • Superb at psychological attacks
  • Moves incredibly fast
  • Numerous razor-sharp teeth


  • Very small
  • Too often distracted by their love of games
  • Easily tricked