Demotivational Speaker

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Monsters of Godville
Demotivational Speaker
Loudist depressum
Demotivational Speaker.jpeg
Description A short, round creature with long ears and big mouth.

Found in areas with flat stones and hills, the Demotivational Speaker (Loudist depressum) is a monster living in dirt holes which it digs out itself.

General Information

It possesses two long ears which help it to pick up any sounds but it is also a weakness for males. It has a wide mouth with advanced vocal cords which are able to produce incredibly loud sounds and noises.

This monster is sensitive to energy and positive thoughts. Happy-go-lucky and up-beat adventures are more likely to scare off the local population.

Fall is their mating season as demotivation and gloom are in abundance. Males will compete for females by standing on top of a large stone or hill and discouraging the other from even attempting to resist. It has been observed that young males who lose their first fight sometimes shut themselves in their burrows and give up on ever finding a mate, becoming more aggressive in the process. Experienced adventurers claim that a show of affection with the opposite sex in front of such males is highly likely to fatally stun them.

Once the male is victorious he will then have to endure a barrage of discouragement from the female. The male must not say anything back and has to endure in silence. If he fails, he will go back to his home crying. If he succeeds then the female will follow him back to his burrow, where he must provide for her every need.

Once the cubs are born, the female will leave the father to take care of them on his own. The cubs quickly become adults and by the end of winter they can take care of themselves, though the father will be considerably drained. Males will then abstain from parenting for two years on average. Such males are often spotted sitting on rocks with a flaming plant in their mouth. It is unknown how they were able to set it on fire or why they are holding it in their mouth.

Spring is the season of hibernating as the sudden influx of positive emotions and energy is unnerving for this monster.