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Monsters of Godville
Deus semideis
Class Demigod
Habitat Cori Celeste
Description glowing, ethereal and vicious

The Demigods (Deus semideis) are the offspring of a god and a human. They're incredibly rare in Godville, but there is a slim chance you might come across one.

Most other gods will try to kill the poor half-breed, so the average Demigod lives a short, dangerous life.

It has been said that Demigods have a fascination for red rubies and are usually quite rich , and hence are a worthy target for the Hero who is light of purse.




  • Arcane powers - can turn water into weak, low-strength beer
  • Can walk on water - when no one is watching


  • Faith, or rather lack thereof. Even a Demigod can cease to exist if no one believes in them
  • A true Hero - the only thing that can really destroy a Demigod is The Last Hero.