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Quests of Godville


Deliver this cookie
Difficulty: 6/10

This isn't a particularly difficult quest, but is a test of the hero's navigational skills (very poor) and memory (very poor). Also it sees if they easily give in to temptation (which they do).

The quest usually starts with the hero visiting a bakery or an old granny's house to pick up, believe it or not, a cookie. The person who gives it to them then gives them a set of directions to the person they want it delivered to, who is sometimes very far away. Sometimes it just seems like it is a long way because the hero just keeps getting lost. En-route, the hero will encounter many monsters who will of course try to kill him or steal his cookie. If this happens, the hero must recover the cookie before the monster eats it, otherwise he will have to return to the bakery, or old granny's house and ask for a new one, prolonging the time it takes to complete the quest.

There is one other big danger which can make the quest take longer: the hero himself. If he is hungry, or sad, or depressed, or even just thoughtless, he could give in to the beautiful aroma that teases him and EAT THE COOKIE HIMSELF! Should this happen, he will have to return to the start and beg for another cookie, then try again. The quest, despite all setbacks, should only take around half a day.

Tip: Clever (rare) heroes know that the quest will take more than one attempt so they will leave a trail of cookie crumbs to help them find the path next time.