Death rattle

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Equipment of Godville
Death rattle
Death Rattle.png
An artist's depiction of a Death Rattle based on multiple accounts. No picture of a Death Rattle has ever been captured by any live photographer due to the unstable nature of anyone who wields it.
Worn 🍀Talisman
Durability -1 ?
Description Unknown


This talisman was designed by an Evil God that wanted a convenient method of recording His enemies' death cries. (The fact that his maracas were broken in a recent jam session has nothing to do with it.) To do so, he captured their voices in their final moments and sealed them away in a special voice-recording orb. The orb was then affixed to a handle made from the long bones of a slain Sycophantom.


To operate the Death Rattle, the heroine has to shake the talisman in a degrading and sexually suggestive way while chanting "The Creator has spoken!". These words and movements seem to awaken the voices within the cursed orb as they release all their pent up hatred, pain and their urgent need to go to the toilet. The blood-chilling screams and wailing from the fallen heroines and monsters are extremely effective in plunging the opponent into unimaginable depths of despair thus lowering their defenses as they are filled with visions of their death. The opponent is also often confused by the apparent sexual advances during this "Dance of Death".

The Death Rattle grows stronger, louder and more effective the more enemies the heroine has slain. This makes the Death Rattle a top notch purchase and a long-term investment. Resale value of any Death Rattle is extremely high due to its ability to grow more powerful with use.


The heroines who use the Death Rattle often find themselves unable to sleep as the screaming coming from it is never truly silenced. You can spot a heroine who is using the talisman simply from the dark rings around their eyes and their vacant stare as the voices of the slain continue to haunt them long after their deaths. Heroines who use this talisman are often more easily influenced to the dark side. Heroines are to use it with extreme caution and much gyrations.