Deafening snore

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Skills of Godville
Deafening snore
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Can provoque insomnia, death or worse.

The Deafening snore skill is often acquired by many heroes at some point in their lives when life just becomes too boring, when they realize that they can't lose, or when they've been eating the same beef jerky brand for over 10 years.

The Deafening Snore seems really harmless at first, but heroes who have mastered this skill can drive their enemies insane. Often the hero with this skill will just fall asleep on the field, at which point his opponent sits down quietly so that the hero can sleep for a while. Then when the hero starts snoring uncontrollably, his opponent won't wake him up, as that would be a not-so-nice thing to do. The opponent then tries to hold the hero's nose, poke him lightly, close his mouth, but in most cases this doesn't help. After this point the hero's opponent will most likely be driven to madness, resulting in the opponent smashing his head in on a rock, against a tree or against anything else that can cause severe concussions ( there are cases in witch some monsters even managed to knock them selfs out with a feather just to get away from the snoring). Even running away doesn't help with heroes who have a high level of this skill, because their snore can be heard for miles and miles around at the same level of volume as if you were standing right next to the hero.

Heroes with this skill never have a significant other... At least not for long. (Most of the time it ends after the hero falls asleep and starts to snore)


Level 1-5

At this stage the Deafening Snore is still pretty harmless, it's just annoying and will often cause no damage at all, blasting at 95 dB.

Level 6-10

Now the hero starts to make use of his uvula even more, the snore is now running at 115 dB, at this point the pain caused by this skill isn't that monumental yet.

Level 11-15

Pain begins here, running at 140 dB the hero can knock out many opponents at once writhing in agony from the sounds of sleep penetrating to their very bones, at this point the sound can start to shatter them.

Level 16-20

Running at 180 dB your snore annihilates anything that has ears and hearing tissue, this often causes no pain as it simply ruptures the ears and the nerves attached to them completely deafening out the pain, the pain caused by a shattering skull and boiling brain however is not filtered.

Level 21+

At 194 dB, this skill at this level has a chance of killing yourself as well, your own snore might make your head explode but the good news is that the flying skull shrapnel might take down your enemy or enemies as well.