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Hello, I am Dausis. This little guy in my viewing orb is my champion, Gavin. You can't see me? Oh, this isn't my story time show! Welcome to my God page! Here, I will tell you about myself and my champion, Gavin. He is in the guild Holy Pwnies, and he is the life of the party! The vegetarian and vegan friendly barbeque party. Holy Pwnies sometimes has these barbeque on special occasions, such as when a new leader is elected. Gavin is the most exciting champion there, and he and I know for sure. Gavin has read the diaries of his fellow guilders, and his chronicles are the best. Check out my God profile to read them! I may be taking in a new champion, I just need to find out how to. I'll keep you updated, if you're interested, but the most interesting stuff happens in the chronicles! Thank you for coming to my page! I have nothing else to say. Goodbye. Go. Bye. Okay, I'll leave. Good day/night to you.