Dark Lords

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Throughout history Dark Lords have existed. They usually live in the shadows but their presence is undeniable. They manipulate events, rule over armies and territories, command great power, and are the objective of any Noble hero trying to make a mark in history.

The Dark Lords Guild was created to bring those individuals looking to follow that grand tradition together in order to control the world they live in from the shadows. Their objective is not to conquer, but to control, because there is where the true power lies. By coming together, like minded individuals are able to join their power to influence everything in the world, and destroy any enemy that dare to challenge them.

Dark Lords do not care about numbers, they care about power, and their own personal ambitions. Because ambition is what a true Dark Lord is about. Their ambition and the power to achieve it, and they will not stop at nothing until they achieve both. In the end a Dark Lord can be simply define by this: individuals that obey no master but their own ambition.