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Pets of Godville
Dandy Lion
Panthera delicates
Strong Monster
Class Mammal
Habitat Plains, serengeti, upscale tea shops
Wanted on Day 1733 g.e.
Description Flowery felines
Tame at levels 30–44 (59 with ark)
Features Fighting, Riding; might have more

The Dandy Lion (Panthera delicates "delicate lion") is a tameable monster. Always the delight of any battle, the dandy lion makes for an excellent companion in troubled times.

In the Wild


These lions love living in the woods or mountains. They hate caves because of the darkness that lies within. This doesn't mean they are afraid, it's just their beauty cannot be seen clearly in the darkness.

They can also be found in large flower fields having tea parties with each other and taking pictures of themselves in the flowery biome. Make sure to bring some biscuits or else they will gossip about you and ruin your social status. (This can be applied to both breeds)

Everyone knows biomes are beautiful, but not as beautiful as Dandy Lions. The images above are some examples of Dandy Lion habitats.


Everyone knows the most common Dandy Lion breed is the Poshfur Dandy Lion. They can be differentiated from their wilder counterpart by taking careful notice of the monocle. Most lions opt for Lasix (though some controversy exists as to whether they're simply misguided and believe that they'll get a laser shooting from their eyes), but the dandy lion prefers the refinement of the monocle - a classy statement for any occasion. Top hats are, of course, optional.

Is this dandy lion dressed up for a night in town? No, this is what he normally wears

The image below shows the next breed of Dandy Lion, Flowerpower Dandy Lions are not as well known. This breed of Dandy Lion is very light and follows the wind by gliding with it. Every spring they have a gathering with others of it's kind and do a special dance with the breeze, they find potential mates by doing a dance off with one another. They absolutely love flowers, so if you ever want to give your Dandy Lion a gift consider giving them different types of flowers. The Flowerpower Dandy Lion might be less common than the Poshfur Dandy Lion, but please consider taming one.

A Flowerpower Dandy Lion with a cub


A Poshfur Dandy Lion can be tamed by heroines at level 30 or above. They are rather vain creatures, who might be caught flat pawed if they happen to see themselves in a reflective surface. Known to steal shiny reflective objects from their heroine just so they may gaze upon their beautiful suits, this vain creature may get very annoyed if their suit or their manes get dirty in a fight and will strike at the offending creature quite viciously. Woe betide anything stupid enough to knock off his hat or monocle.

A Flowerpower Dandy Lion can also be tamed at level 30 or above. They are more energetic and mild than their suit wearing counterparts but they are as dainty as them. In battle they can actually be quite fierce if trained properly, sweeping any opponent their way, literally and figuratively. Unlike the Poshfur Dandy Lion they rather talk to their opponents rather than fight them. Known to have a very hippie like beliefs and can be found protesting for others rights and more change in the way society works, but despite of that they swore to do anything in the world to make you happy.

Relations With The Other Breed


This great piece of art is for the great Leopon the 3rd. This cunning big cat is the 5th ruler of the kingdom of Dandy Lions, ruthless is the first thing to come to mind upon hearing his name. This ruler is well respected among all lions for his devilish good looks, but don't let that fool you, because this ruthless ruler is well known for the tragedy that is "The Weeding" a mass Flowerpower Dandy Lion genocide lead by none other than Leopon the 3rd and his army of trained Tigers he raised and adopted for guts and glory. Flowerpower Dandy Lions flew to the flower fields for safety. Poshfur Dandy Lions staying loyal out of fear. Leopon the 3rd established a museum to tell Dandy Lion history, he listed this mass genocide as one of greatest Dandy Lion feats of all time (The Museum is now in ruins). No one knows why he has this immense hatred toward Flowerpower Dandy Lions, not even his own family, historians assume is because of the Flowerpower's hippie like nature was getting in the way of his iron fist.

Leopon the 3rd

Leopon the 3rd's infamous tiger army is one of the the strongest armies in the world, some say the tigers are demons because of the demonic roars that they hear at night when the army is patrolling. There are three great warriors in the army, those warriors are, Derus the Sharp, Zenshin the Invincible, and Torgreus the Merciless. The most prominent out of the three is Torgreus. The army was fifty thousand strong. Each and every tiger was expertly trained by Leopon the 3rd himself. Each and every warrior in the entire army was loyal to Leopon the 3rd. They will do anything he tells them to. These buff beasts only take orders from Leopon the 3rd. When he dies they sworn to never be in another army without him as their ruler. They were raised by him, so they look up to him like their very own father. The Dandy Lions hated them for killing, but never hated Leopon the 3rd, because no one knew that he's the one that orchestrated "The Weeding" so they put all their anger in the army of tigers instead.

Torgreus the Merciless, Leopon the 3rd's greatest warrior.

After ten gruesome, unforgiving years in Leopon the 3rd's reign, he finally has an heir. During this time gossip was spreading, this era was called "The Big Grey Gossiping" The main focus of the drama is about Leopon the 3rd's so called cub, but we will talk about that later. Leopon the 3rd's spouse is a lioness with many talents and secrets, she's much more free spirited than her husband. In public they seem to be getting well, some say they look cute together, but rumours says that in private it was the exact opposite. The most popular rumour is about the cub in question, rumours say that the cub isn't actually Leopon the 3rd's, whoever says this in public get their head cut off in front of a live audience, that doesn't stop the drama though, it just kept growing and growing. Flowerpower Dandy Lions were still traumatized because of The Weeding but despite that they still participated in the drama. In actuality they couldn't be more right, the cub was never Leopon the 3rd's, instead the cub belonged to a commoner, specifically a Flowerpower commoner. Of course Leopon the 3rd never found out. The mother of the cub fled in the middle of the night, running away with her lover without Leopon the 3rd knowing by making it look like an assassination. This however didn't stop Leopon the 3rd raising his cub like a prince, he named his son Grimmel because of his grim reaper like personality. He gave his full dedication to him, treating him like his own, his very own successor. Grimmel ended up being one of the greatest rulers in all of Dandy Lion history despite having a ruthless king for a dad. Leopon the 3rd wrote in his will that his son shall take over his army of tigers as well.

Gossip in the streets

After some time the world became more calmer. The Big Grey Gossiping has come to a close and a new era has started. The gossiping faded away. One day Grimmel decided to go disguise himself as a commoner. He took a nice stroll around the privileged part of the kingdom, after some time he found himself in a much more shadier area. He saw one of the few Flowerpower Dandy Lions in the kingdom trying steal food, a tiger stopped them and brutally murdered the pauper. What Grimmel saw forever changed his life and decided to change this terrible way of ruling a kingdom. He tried to discuss about this situation with his "father" but he refused to change, he did everything he could to convince his father, but nothing worked. In the middle of the night Grimmel poisoned the ruler's tea, and shortly after Leopon the 3rd was killed by Grimmel. He inherited the responsibility of ruler and Leopon's tiger army. The day after he killed his parental figure, he was crowned ruler of the Dandy Lion Kingdom. In his rule he treated every Flowerpower Dandy lion with utmost respect, reuniting the kingdom, during his rule he gained the title "Grimmel the Benevolent", he ended up being one of the greatest rulers of all time. Flowerpower and Poshfur lived in harmony once again because of his reign.

Grimmel the Benevolent, a half breed ruler



  • Great for battle
  • Can be ridden
  • Steel skin, making it hard for a monster to inflict damage
  • Electrical strikes (after level 5)
  • Sharp claws
  • Fire breathe attack
  • Is very cunning and crafty in battle


  • Runs from giant monsters
  • Takes some of your items(if not tamed properly)
  • Prefers not to go near something that may wreck its suit.
  • Doesn't like water

Diary Entries

!Hero's Diary
Cuddles suddenly flew into a rage and breathed fire at the opponent. We were all shocked. What other hidden talents does my pet have?
!Hero's Diary
Cuddles sat on the sidelines, batting his eyelashes and looking innocent and cute. As soon as the Swiss Army Knight turned its back, Cuddles struck it from behind with a lug wrench. Good dandy lion, you've always been very crafty.

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