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Who is it? Born in 1997, she is from Tokyo. Rap singer.

In the age of 15 she garnered attention with songs submitted to Nico Nico Douga. In 2012, she released the first album "HYPER GIRL - The other side girl".

At the age of 16, the musical piece "IRONY" by 2013 m-flo + daoko is appointed as the theme song of the movie "Hawk's Nail ~ Beautiful Elieres Deodorant Plus ~".

In 2014 released movie "Thirst." In the eyes of Tetsuya Nakajima's director, "Fog" was selected as an insertion song.

In the same year, TeddyLoid is in charge of the music of the 3rd piece "ME! ME! ME!" Of short animated series "Studio Japan (trade show) by studio color led by Anno Hideaki" ME! Gather great attention from all over the world.

And, as a school girl in March 2015 Major debut at TOY 'SFACTORY on 1st album "DAOKO". With her unique unique world view as it is, an up-and-coming track maker, and seven pairs GREAT 3 Yubari Akira participated. On August 17th the same year, the first one man live at Shibuya WWW will be held and the tickets will be sold out on the same day.

On October 21, Double A Side 1st single "ShibuyaK / lonely calm" was released. Two large MUSIC VIDEO projects are decided, the first is Yoshizaki Hibiki × DAOKO project which was released at the Japanese animator (fair) exhibition. Animation music video by studio color "GIRL". The second part is "Shibuya K" by Yoichi Kodama, who became the first face of DAOKO. The whole picture of her blind was revealed.

January 15, 2016, DAOKO THE FIRST TOUR, Tokyo Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST performance sold out.

To make great success. Since April of the same year, she was in charge of the school corporation / vocational school HAL 2016 new CM and the CM song at four new generation creators "PALOW × Yoshizaki Hibiki × Teddy Loid × DAOKO" who attracted the most attention in Japan. Impressive singing voice and narration collect topics. In addition, DAOKO appeared in the image movie "Reebok CLASSIC Furylite WEB Movie" of "Fury Lite" focused on Reebok CLASSIC in 2016.

Furthermore, we decided "if we are the protagonist of GAME" to cygames2016 new TVCM. A long-awaited Triple-A Side 2nd Single in September "We are the protagonist of GAME / Daisuki with TeddyLoid / BANG!" Released.

The 2016 tour "Blue Princess" from the single performed a performance of Tokyo, Osaka, Korea 4 Days and it was a great success. Beginning in February 2017 "blue period" tour is decided. Then, DAOKO participates in the first TV anime NHK BS premium animation "Ryu no dentist" inserted song "hideakobo" produced by studio color served by Hideaki Amano acting as production supervisor and sound director.

In March, DAOKO decided as the second artist of "vertical type" MV "Portrait Film Project" by LINE LIVE. Mr. Genki Kawamura, directed by Seki Seki, collects expectations for a new dawn of DAOKO who will be 20 years old. A new song "Dear Sir Goodbye Goodbye" is decided for the ending theme of the TV animation "Shinken no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL" released from April.

July DAOKO is in charge of the songwriting work as the ending theme of the same animation, and a new song "Cinderella step" handed by Keiichi Esashima (Sakanaction) is decided for arrangement.

And on August 18th (Friday) Film 「Fireworks from below, Do you see from the side?」 DAOKO × Yuzu Genki at the theme song "Big fireworks", the insertion song "Forever Friends" was decided at DAOKO .

"Big fireworks", animation MV has exceeded 65 million viewing and watching 1st place in iTunes song ranking for 4 consecutive weeks, while the momentum does not stop! In addition, even subscription music distribution service gains 1st rank in a row and accomplishes 14 crown achievement.

DAOKO 4th single "Step Up Love" will be released on October 18th. "Step Up LOVE" is also decided to be appointed as the ending theme song of TV animation "Blood Battle Front & BEYOND" by DAOKO, Okamura Yasuyuki, Composition, Arrangement & Produce by Okamura Yasuyuki. Furthermore, in December we released the second album "THANK YOU BLUE".

◯ RADIO regular J-WAVE "SONAR MUSIC" Every week to Thursday 21: 00-24: 00 broadcast. ※ Every Tuesday in charge: DAOKO