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This is for the forum thread Crystal Warriors, as a reference page for those who need detailed information on every aspect of the thread.

The School


In the dark ages of mankind, the world was devastated by nuclear weapons. Humanity had destroyed the surface from their meaningless disputes, forcing survivors to retreat into the lower ground. Using the intellect of the fraction that survived, the remaining countries developed their own ecosystems underground, ensuring their survival for many years to come.

After years of their underground life, one of the civilizations deemed it fit to resurface. With the right technology to cleanse the surface from radiation and nuclear waste, they began to colonize the earth like their ancestors. Yet, unbeknownst to them, the world has changed drastically over the years they spent in hiding. Rather, the animal life has changed significantly. No more did the singing birds and grazing livestock roam the planet. They assumed the animals were just killed by the warfare in the past. They weren’t wrong, really, but they were also wrong. Yes, many were killed, but those that survived only in took the toxic waste, and mutated into beasts. Luckily for these humans that resurfaced, the occurrence was happening on the opposite end of the world, where the land has not been cured of the waste.

More years passed, and other nations resurfaced to join the one that already did. Of course, the ones that didn’t were likely the ones that had all died, or the ones that happen to be under the other side. Of course, they expected that; the general area was the one hardest hit by the nuclear warfare, and was viewed as a place where survival was not expected.

Meanwhile, on the said area of inhabitation, mutation was yet to be finished. A malevolent creature lurked in the ocean, one with the mind of a human, but the intention of a beast. Resembling a giant squid, this beast was a dark black color and large, white eyes. The beast (soon to be called Core) only had five tentacles, but each tentacle was a horror alone, for they gave birth to even more beasts. Soon, five kinds of beasts were released into the world, population accumulating in the dark side. However, they did not clash with the humans, as those that bore the capabilities to travel to distant lands never left the coastline,not even the king. Until one day, an expedition into the other side resulted into the discovery of the beasts, and the discovery of the humans (for the beasts).

The beasts were carnivores, so naturally they would attack the humans; they had to live off other beasts prior to their discovery. Soon, they terrorized the humans, earning the title “terrors”. Humankind was threatened by this force, and attempted to escape underground again, when a miner discovered a strange rock. Thus began the discovery of the crystals, starting with the basic fire…


Crystal White

Crystal White is the headmistress.

Crystal White is tall with white hair tied in a ponytail. Her brilliant blue eyes match her blue dress. She wears red high heels.

Crystal is a cold and cruel person, however, she isn’t very strict.

Crystal is said to be a master in ice.

Crystal was then he or for a huge company before it was destroyed by a fire. She then used the remaining money to buy ownership of Diamond University.

Terra Grounder

Terra Grounder is the assistant to Crystal, and also teaches dueling.

Terra has brown hair tied back in a ponytail, and fiery red eyes. She wears a white collared shirt and a red skirt.

Terra is kind hearted, and is the spokesperson for Crystal when she’s too tired.

Terra is mysterious, and has never demonstrated her ability for record or for the school, despite her background.

Terra was injured as a mercenary while on the other side and retired to become the assistant principal. She was good friends with Crystal, hence why she got the job.

She is said to be an expert in all of her crystals, even the minor and backup ones.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is the head of campus police.

Sherlock has the same attire as the famous Sherlock Holmes. He is tall, with black hair and dark tan skin and greenish grey eyes.

Sherlock takes his job seriously, but isn’t much of a teller. If you want to know anything, he won’t tell you without you asking. He tends to be abrupt in his wording. He liked to stay in his office but occasionally comes out.

He specializes in assault, and loves using his electricity for interrogation purposes.

Sherlock grew up in the Emerald District and is more of an engineer than a crystal user and often resorts to his advanced weapons instead of his crystals.

Janice Clark

Janice is the nurse.

Janice has red hair and blue eyes. She is short,and wears a lab coat with several colored pens. She wears glasses, and has creepily white teeth.

Janice is that one extremely nice neighbor that creeps you out from her kindness. She babies everyone, and loves to dress up when not on the job.

Janice experts in health, obviously.

Flora Flowers

Flora teaches terror anatomy.

Flora is a small girl with brown hair and a puffy white hat.

Flora not only is younger, but acts younger than her younger age, which is fourteen. However, she can occasionally respond like an adult when in the topic of her class or under extreme pressure or stress.

Flora is speculated to use poison crystals.

Jonah Green

Ren Florus

Ren Florus is the head of security.

Ren Florus wear old fashioned samurai armor, although the material is specially made for better durability. He has black hair and brown eyes, and peach colored skin. He always has a katana strapped to his side.

Despite the heavy armor, Ren is fast. He is also a man of a few words, and tends to listen instead of talk. He is very alert and is there whenever anything happens.

Ren has an unknown origin, something even Terra and Crystal questions.

Ren dies on the same night Flora is attacked, protecting Flora from further injury.

Ren uses Assault crystals


Diamond District

Diamond University








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