Crimson Penguins

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Many eons ago, creatures of the moon roamed the southern ice lands. They spent their days hunting for food and sport, terrorising locals and feasting off their blood and fear.

This lasted a few centuries before the people couldn't take it anymore. They rose up against the bloodsuckers and soon wars were held and battles waged. Though physically far weaker than the evil creatures, the people's spirit and will to fight was stronger. With many casualties on both sides, each held their ground. Over time, it wasn't just the people and creatures whom were affected by war. The innocent beasts of the icy plains were drowned in the blood from both sides, leaving unborn children orphaned.

Now these unborn beasts were inundated by the gore, and actually absorbed it. Once these beasts emerged from the safety of their eggs, they breathed in the chilling winds of the tundra and opened their eyes which glistened with intelligence. They were unharmed by the climate, and were ready to start their lives. They saw what had become of their parents; the chaos which still persisted from the bloodsuckers and people.

Angered by the destruction these two species had caused, the children of war put their natural abilities and powers into play and brought order and justice to both sides.

Indeed the battles ceased and even confusion was had, for the beasts that stopped the chaos were blood-red penguins.

These penguins had brought odd peace to both sides with a lot of bewilderment to their existence and a lot of beer. But when it was all said and done, the penguins started a new order to help further their teachings of peace: So long everyone could be friends with each other and enjoy a good beer, it mattered not if someone did a little good or did a little evil, just as long as peace was kept.

The new order was called the Crimson Penguins. Built from confusion and booze.