Cragsmiren Defense Force

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Cragsmiren Defense Force
Motto: Cragsmire Deserves Freedom!
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 701 c.u.
Date Founded: 1/9/16
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Cragsmiren Defense Force

The CDF was founded as a response to an evil AI's attack on Cragsmire. The initial raid essentially crippled the League of Shadows and the Regent disappeared. Now the CDF is fighting back against the Uprising's Droid army, driving them from Cragsmire.

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RP Events

Every once in a while, the Uprising will attack without warning. The CDF responds to fight them off.

  • Skirmish - A Skirmish is a small battle, usually only one or two squads of droids.
  • Raid - The Outposts surrounding Cragsmire often get raided to lower CDF morale. Most of the time, CDF commandos can respond before extensive damage is done. A raid usually comprises of at least four droid squads.
  • Incursion - A Droid battalion will sometimes attack the Outer wall and manage to breach it. The CDF attempts to hold them off while civilians are evacuated.


Currently, there is no history. The CDF was only recently founded.


The city that all CDF agents and troopers are sworn to protect.

History of Cragsmire

Below is a section from Cragsmire, A History

276 BC(Before Cragsmire)

Settlers moving west from Urbis Caelestis(Godville) arrive at a fertile plain between the Qu'Tox ocean and the river Stohr. The rich soil and mild climate was ideal for farming, so a small village formed. The village's original name is unknown. As the village grew, it was renamed to Freeport. The people of Freeport elect a man named Lorlamir to lead them.

259 BC

Lorlamir commissions the construction of a City Wall around Freeport. During construction, an army is organised and is called the Free Corps and the Freeport Legion. Lorlamir uses the Free Corps to claim more land from the western barbarians.

250 BC

At 56 years old, Lorlamir relinquishes his rule to a somewhat younger man named Anon. Anon takes the office and uses his new power to become the Patriarch or Regent of Freeport. Anon requests that a secondary wall be built to encompass New Freeport. It is projected to be complete in nearly 12 years.

244 BC

The foundation of the Outer wall is finished. It serves as a small defense until the wall is fully constructed. Trade Federation representatives arrive in Freeport.

240 BC

Freeport becomes a part of the Trade Federation. Anon announces an heir, despite not being married. His heir is named Elon and looks strikingly similar to Anon. The Outer Wall is nearly complete, though many workers died during construction.

238 BC

Due to delays, the wall still isn't finished although it is very close. The Trade Federation collapses due to civil war among its member cities. Freeport doesn't get involved. Anon joins with other neutral cities to create the League of Merchants.

235 BC

Seven more towns and cities become part of the League of Merchants. Anon has health issues that confine him to his bed for several months.

229 BC

Although recovered, Anon procures a limp and must wear lenses to see clearly. The wall is completed and a memorial to Lorlamir, who recently died, is built upon it.

222 BC

Anon is bedridden with fever. The League of Merchants elect a man named Nero to replace Anon as chairman. Elon is denied a seat at the council, which angers the people of Freeport.

221 BC

Anon dies after a very long struggle. Elon ascends to the throne at 28 and becomes Regent. Nero denies Elon's right to lead the League of Merchants.

216 BC

Elon has a fortress in the Jagged Peaks built. He keeps it a secret from everyone besides his advisors. The fortress is simply named, The Bastion.

211 BC

Nero turns the council against Elon, claiming that the Regent has more power than any one man should. The people continue to support Elon, but Nero is diligent in his protesting.

204 BC