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Monsters of Godville
Copy Cat
Cattus Imitatus
copy cat.jpg
Class Animal
Habitat Near towns
Totem for Glitter
Description A master of disguise

The Copy Cat (Cattus Imitatus) is a monster that loves to imitate monsters, animals, people and pretty much anything else that moves.


The Copy Cat asserts its dominance against other Copy Cats by imitating it. The one that's able to imitate the other the longest is considered to be the dominant one and the loser will be chased away.

One of the Copy Cat's biggest weaknesses are mirrors. While walking past one it might mistake its mirror image for another Copy Cat and will try to imitate it to assert its dominance. Needless to say, the mirror never lost.

Since the Copy Cat is a cat, the hero can use strings or cat toys to escape. The Copy Cat will play with the strings and the hero can easily run away without the monster noticing.



  • Ability to imitate hero's skills
  • Razor sharp claws
  • Has 9 lives


  • Water
  • Can be distracted by string and other cat toys
  • Mirrors
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