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Skills of Godville
Concrete placer
Type Unknown
Description Unknown

The Concrete placer is a combat skill, created by an unknown hero with even less common sense than is usual for adventurers.

It involves pouring quick-set concrete over the hands, legs or other appendages of the hero, coating them entirely. This may seem like an incredibly stupid thing to do (even by a hero's standards) but it actually helps to enhance their next attack by giving it some extra oomph. Unfortunately they are then left covered in concrete. True mastery of Concrete Placing requires the hero to be able to remove the concrete from themselves quickly and efficiently, but due to the nature of the skill, they rarely get the chance to practice it more than once.

!Hero's Diary↻
Combined “concrete placer” with one of my other skills against the Great Caesar's Ghost, knocking both it and myself flat. Wow!

Level Effects

Levels 1 - 10
The hero can barely lift their arms once the concrete is applied, let alone get it off.
Levels 10 - 15
The hero can effectively use the concrete to bolster their attacks, but still struggles to remove it.
Levels 15 - 20
The hero's concrete punches are capable of dealing crippling damage to their foes, and they can now remove the concrete (albeit with the assistance of a hammer and chisel).
Level 20+
Not only are the hero's rock-solid attacks now virtually unstoppable, but they hit with enough force to knock the concrete off automatically. Win-win!