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Monsters of Godville
Class Dinosaur
Habitat Europe
Description Tiny Raptor

The Compsognathus [1] is a genus of small, bipedal, carnivorous theropod dinosaurs.

Members of its single species Compsognathus longipes could grow to the size of a turkey. They lived around 150 million years ago, the latest Kimmeridgian age of the late Jurassic period, in what is now Europe.

Paleontologists have found two well-preserved fossils, one in Germany in the 1850s and the second in France more than a century later. This isn't the case in Godville, where today it thrives and strives to annoy even the most patience of heroes.

Many presentations still describe Compsognathus as "chicken-sized" dinosaurs because of the small size of the German specimen, which is now believed to be a juvenile.

Compsognathus longipes is one of the few dinosaur species for which diet is known with certainty: the remains of small, agile lizards are preserved in the bellies of both specimens. Teeth discovered in Portugal may be further fossil remains of the genus.

Although not recognized as such at the time of its discovery, Compsognathus is the first theropod dinosaur known from a reasonably complete fossil skeleton. Until the 1990's, it was the smallest known non-avialan dinosaur; earlier it was the closest supposed relative of the early bird Archaeopteryx.



  • Small size makes it easy to maneuver around blundering heroes
  • Too many teeth
  • Cuteness distracts idiotic heroes.
  • Surprisingly blends in with a lot of stuff.
  • In groups, it can quickly overwhelm the mightiest of heroes.


  • It's cuteness only fools for so long.
  • Very brittle teeth.
  • Isn't a morning person.
  • Hasn't gotten a manicure in over 6 months.
  • If shown a fossil, it begins to mourn its dead relatives.


  1. (/kɒmpˈsɒɡnəθəs/;[1] Greek kompsos/κομψός; "elegant", "refined" or "dainty", and gnathos/γνάθος; "jaw")[2]