Common Dominator

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Common Dominator
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat dark corners
Description dangerous player

The Common Dominator is ferocious foul player of a monster. He hates everything, and especially math. Research into the subject shows that he was an ordinary person at one point. The team believes that he was mad about his school life and stumbled upon a very powerful, rogue, evil hero.

He taught the Common Dominator how to be evil, and taught him math too.

They then sought out a powerful, ancient artifact that would give them awesome powers. They did find it (a ruby crystal) in the farthest corner of the land, but they were stopped by a group of heroes and the rogue hero was banished from Godville. The Common Dominator took the crystal and used it to become a powerful monster, with no common sense!

He then defeated the band of heroes in an epic battle. The beast set out to destroy Godville in revenge, but all the heroes (and heroines) in the land set out and overpowered him. They took his magic crystal and banished him. But he was only weakened a little bit. He came back once he thought everyone forgot about him, and now he wanders around, looking for the people who banished him.



  • Has magic confusing powers
  • Is tall and beefy


  • Forgot his common sense at home
  • Easily distracted by shiny crystals
  • Doesn't know any math