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Demonstration of combat skills

Heroes are often reluctantly forced into the world of Godville with no idea what is expected of them. They often hear voices, telling them exactly where this particular voice thinks they should be going or what they should be doing. Along the way, heroes must figure out how to defend themselves as they become more and more proficient at ignoring these voices and their various commands.

Once heroes have successfully learned to use their weapons (without hurting themselves in the process) as well as to punch and kick the monsters they are fighting (instead of their friends), they earn a new way to fight through attacks called Combat Skills. This happens at level 15 with no discrimination for any heroes or heroines in the land, and one of the few things that will just happen to the hero - without the voices that follow them telling them to go pick out the brightest, shiniest new combat skill from the local store and not getting mad when they decide to trade the cow for a few "magic" beans or the other way around.

Combat skills are newer, stronger attacks which give heroes an extra oomph; causing extra damage to the heroes' foes (duh) in order to take various monsters down faster and with slightly less effort. These skills can be leveled up either through ongoing practice and use, or by paying a tutor in town. As the skill becomes higher, it becomes harder to master and the price for this training increases accordingly. Eventually, heroes will learn a wide variety of combat skills to add to their bag of tricks.

NOTE: Sometimes your hero will get "tired" of a particular skill and will independently trade it for another one at the shop. However; there is no guarantee your hero will trade one combat skill for another, and may in fact decide to trade it in towards a trade skills or transportation skills of the same level. Also, it is rumored that heroes can only have a total of any ten skills at one time although this has not been confirmed.

For a list of known combat skills, see the List of Skills.