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Coffins Keep Guild was founded after a long and arduous searching of the world. After questing through all the taverns and bars, and suffering the wroth of the god of hangovers. It was decided to check out the good and noble side of things. This was quickly abandoned, as being good and noble was dangerous, when it wasn't soul crushing boring.

After a long and introspective Convalescence, it really was dangerous trying to save everyone. The founder decided to meditate on the nature of the world. After all he didn't have much else to do, and moving still hurt like the dickens.

It was then that his great mind turned to the rolls of good and evil. We know his mind was one of the greatest, after all he wrote it himself, as he wrote the laws of the guild. He listened to the woes of the people, prodding them with sticks if needed. And turned his great mind to the true nature of what really is Good? Or Evil? He ran a mighty tab at the tavern the long and trying day spent in this endeavor.

First he thought of death, sure it was an evil thing to most people, but lets face it, the death of a wealthy merchant, while hard on the family, if their was one. Was also a good thing for the people he may be indebted to, his property could be sold to pay off his debts, clearing his "Good" name. The beggars and homeless would have a chance to steal a few trinkets to line their pockets and live if just for an hour, just a bit better. The Death of a king, would often start wars, as people vied for his vacant throne. This would in fact help a great many people. Soldiers, got to do the jobs they were trained for. Nobles and lords got to use all the learning and teachings they had to suffer through as children. The populace lost a good portion of the more lack witted as they tried to join this cause or that, leaving better opportunities for those with forethought, and cunning. After all even war can't last forever, and things would eventually stabilize. No in fact death was the only one constant. Even if you were a hero, and got raised up a hundred times you still died, everyone and everything died. So could it really be just a "Good or Evil" thing.....

That's when he knew, our great founder left into the world, to spread the wisdom of his knowledge. Also his tab had run dry and the tavern keeper was about to send his goons to get payment. He formed the mighty Coffins Keep Guild, and recruited those he could convince of the one great truth he had uncovered. Sharp pointy sticks and heavy rocks were also used to convert some people. He traveled the land, preaching and converting people to his will. He also set up a nice pyramidal scheme, after all, this was info people needed, and he might as well make a few coins.

The founder has been gone now for not a few years, his teachings and lessens remain the foundation of our guild. Some speculate he is out once again seeking the wisdom of the world. Others believe he is still here in the shadows, watching, and waiting for a time to strike, should one of our members fail to uphold the great truth. I believe he came to understand and fully experience the great truth for himself.

After all his eyes were shining with tears and rapture, the last time I saw him. The look of amazement, and wonder was written clearly on his face, as he stared down at my daggers hilt sticking out of his chest. "Rest easy my mentor, I'll uphold the teachings till the day I too have my epiphany. I'll remember your words and continue to teach the one truth.

Evil is a necessary part of life. Without evil, good would never shine, neutral would be just a grey, not a defining end or beginning to good and evil. With that in mind, you can view the world in a new light or shadow if you prefer. I your most insightful follower, I read this in my diary so it must be true, will continue to spread the word.

Evil is Good!

Guild Members

Algraves Burning, Guild Master