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Beasties of Godville
piscis cophinus
Class marine horror
Habitat shallow reefs
Description a spiteful sailor's last vessel
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 4: 40-49 HP

Coffinella is a dreadful beastie that heroines may find while sailing.

The curse of Draian

There once was a sailor, they sailed night and day without ever listening to their goddess Draian, who wanted them to continue with the holy heroic task. In her last resort the goddess cursed the rebellious adventurer's ship so that, may it ever break, the ship shall turn into their gopherwood coffin. Eventually the ship was gutted by a reef and as it sank the planks shrank and pushed each other to trap the sailor's corpse. But alas their spirit survived out of spite and possessed the wrecked shell, looking for treasure and combat in all the corners of the sea.

The wooden creature

Coffinella is a barely oval quivering cloud of gopher spikes and plates that hover around while trying to devour your ark, the best approach is to ram it with your spur and try to break it apart hitting the core. Else try to drop some whatever blessed objects in order to counter the unholy power that commands it.



  • Ever regenerating
  • A submarine horror
  • Knows exactly where to hit


  • Has a really hard time staying afloat
  • Can be killed with one hit
  • Too impulsive for their own good
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