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Monsters of Godville
Code Monkey
Class Clever Typing Ape
Habitat Basements, Garages, Parent's Houses, Office Blocks
Description An Ape-like Developer

The Code Monkey is a Monster that dwells in damp and unhygienic places surrounded by a nest of empty packets and sugary drinks cans, it is believed that they do this as a kind of habitual armour due to their poor strength (Even the smallest sneeze can cause a nosebleed in weaker Code Monkeys). A code monkey's 'nest' will often also contain:

  • A Router with Fibre Optic and Cat 6 Ethernet cables sticking out of it
  • A small server running some version of Lynux
  • A large desk populated with various computers running various operating systems
  • A whiteboard with various scribbles on it